Latest Hairstyles For Ladies in Nigeria: 50+ Pictures

The latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria are high in demand because most ladies want to keep up with the trends. There are lots of interesting women’s hairstyles, especially when it comes to the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria, which are some of the most popular women’s hairstyles.

These 50+ pictures of women’s hairstyles, clearly illustrate the best of the latest hairstyles for ladies and convenient hairstyles for busy moms in Nigeria. Whether you prefer short hair, long hairstyles for ladies, or medium-sized braids; we have pictures of all of them in this post.

To crown your overall look like a gorgeous lady, these latest hairdos for women even look better when they are spiced up with classy jewelry and top clothing styles. On the other hand, you will have an incomplete look of perfection, if you dress to kill and yet have a messy hairdo or haircut. You should visit top tailoring fashion centers and the best fashion stylists, to get the best of a flawless look.

Even when you’re not, wearing the latest hairstyles for Nigerian women sets you up as a woman of affluence, accomplishments, and poise. You will mark this best by the way people stare at you from the roadsides and at events.

What is the latest hairstyle? You see, this question is frequent among young ladies and women who wish to be upbeat on the media. New hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria come and go each day. It depends on the creativity of your hairstylist.

You can also make the latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria with attachments or hair extensions. Of the latest hairstyles in Nigeria, attachments are the most commonly used for producing beautiful hairstyles for Nigerian ladies.

Latest Hair Styles For Ladies In Nigeria

easy hairstyles for ladies

The Best Hairstyles for ladies can be cornrows, inverted cornrows, Havana twists, French braids, Dutch braids, mini braids, maxi braids, midi braids, box braids, single braids, micro twists, or crotchet depending on one’s tastes and likes.

hairstyles for ladies and their names

These are the latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria. They are currently trending and some of the gorgeous Nigerian braided hairstyles for women.

Braids and Curls Hairstyles for Females

hairstyles for ladies big braids
hairstyles for ladies curly hair
hairstyles for ladies for party
braids and curls for ladies
hairstyles for ladies black
Half Braids, half curls

Afro Bun Hairstyles

hairstyles for ladies afro

There are numerous ways that you can flaunt your natural hairstyle; the natural kinky hair and Nigerian virgin hairstyles are of different types, for instance, 4C, 4B which can be maintained by using the best natural hair care products

white afro bun for ladies

Beaded Braids

The Nigerian braiding hairstyles can be worn either with beads or without them.

elegant short hairstyles for ladies
hairstyles for ladies cut
classy hairstyles for ladies
hairstyles for drawing female
Beaded braids for ladies

Haircut Styles for Women

Nigerian hairstyles for ladies when it comes to the latest haircuts are the top hairstyle for ladies which keeps them popping with reduced stress of sitting down for hours just to make money.

haircut for ladies with dye

Social media personality, Nancy Isime rocks her short haircut faultlessly, the lady in the picture above, killed the look, are you still considering whether your haircut might fit you?

Crotchet Styles for Women

ladies short hairstyles
hairstyles for women over 30
crotchet hairstyles for women

Hairstyles for Kids

hairstyles for ladies braids
hair style for girl child
hairstyles for girls under 12
beaded braids for school girls
jumbo braids for kids
Beaded braids for girls
hairstyle for a girl

Jungle Braids

blue butterfly braids

Stitch Braids Hairstyles for Ladies

If you love wearing Ghana weaving, then you would be a fan of this trending hairstyle. Part braiding together with Ghana weaving is one of the most common hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria.

women's hairstyles for large faces
hairstyles for ladies with double chin
hairstyles for ladies cornrow
essence hairstyles for ladies
hairstyles for ladies with extension
classy hairstyles for ladies long hair
hairstyles for ladies attachment
cornrows in stitch braids style
stitch braids wigs
women's hairstyles
stitch braided wigs

Box Braids Styles

hairstyles for ladies black
best hairstyles for black ladies
braided hairdo
hairstyle for school
multicolor box braids
hairstyles for ladies braids
hairstyle for long hair
short hairstyles for ladies

Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreads look lovely on women and are one of the Latest hairstyles in Nigeria for ladies. They look very beautiful when groomed properly. There are Goddess Locs, faux locs (Kiko in Yoruba) that you can flaunt as one of the best hairstyles for ladies.

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies in Nigeria: 50+ Pictures
dreads for ladies

Other Stylish Hairstyles

The latest Ghana weaving hairstyles for women are worn best when they are fashioned properly.

hairstyles for female
hairstyles for ladies birthday
hairstyles for ladies bob
ponytail hairstyle
different hairstyles for females
hairstyle for woman

Speaking of the creativity of your hairstylist, before you sit down to make the latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria, you should be sure that your hairstylist can give you exactly or close to, what you ordered and not the opposite as seen in this picture.


The latest hairstyle for ladies in Nigeria includes the latest Nigerian hairstyles fixtures, splendid haircuts, perfect hairdos, and gorgeous hairstyles on some of the different hair colors.

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