Models Salary Structure in Nigeria

We recently published the best modeling schools in Nigeria but you may be baffled with questions surrounding models salaries in Nigeria, for you to know how much professional models make in Nigeria make sure you read the complete article.

Nigeria of today has changed from what it used to be, people now take advantage of every job opportunity even jobs to which much attention wasn’t paid to back then.

We now have models in Nigeria with industry backing them, just as we have modeling agencies that equip those that have what it takes to be a professional models in the country.

If you are good-looking facially and with a perfect stature then you definitely have a modeling body, this isn’t for ladies alone as we used to believe, we also have male models who are even well known than their female counterparts in the Nigerian modeling industry.

Models Salary Structure in Nigeria

After making a bold decision to try and become a model you sure want to know if it is a profitable profession to opt for which leads us to models salary structure in Nigeria, here you will know how much a model is expected to earn.

To be a model comes with some requirements, you have to be beautiful/handsome, tall, curvy, bold, physically and mentally fit, attractive in general. Enrolling in a modeling agency or school helps you to build confidence, gives you the skills you need to thrive in the modeling world.

Modeling is a very interesting job and can be fun when doing it, the most interesting part of this profession is that it can be done either in full-time or part-time it also gives you the opportunity to network with people that matter, business firms, fashion brands, industries, media, entertainment industries and many more.

With all this, you can make a huge amount for yourself and remember this is now one of the most sought after by many young Nigerians yet there is high demand for it so you can never go out of job.

A lot of companies and organizations now use the help of models to propel the image of the company or products, they make use of models for advertisement – never forget looking good is a good business so they need models to make more money.

Some of the top best modeling agencies that are performing more than expected in Nigeria are Silverbird Group, Identical Media, Y-Ray Models, Exquisite Models International, Bredance and Crusader Limited, Elite Model Look, and many more.

These modeling agencies are always on the lookout for top brands in the country which become their clients and then you as their model will be selected to model for those companies, organizations, or brands and you will be paid by your modeling agency, those brands do need models for video vixen, runway modeling, ushering, beauty shoots e.t.c.

Without further ado let’s take you through different types of modeling jobs in Nigeria and how much models make in Nigeria based on the type of modeling job.

Models Salary Structure in Nigeria: How Much Models Earn

As said earlier we have different types of models, they vary based on the occasion or event and they do not get the same salary as there are many things to consider before pegging a price on the job, it depends on the job description, how big the client is and also the agency which you model for.

Big companies do pay better than the regular or struggling brands, nevertheless, there is always a set price so it’s either the earning is increased or the set price is being used. How much do models in Nigeria make? Continue reading.

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#1. Salary of Runway Models In Nigeria (₦20,000 – ₦80,000)

Runway models in Nigeria currently earn around 20k to 80k based on the modeling agency being worked for. Remember this is always the starting point in the life of most models so this price is suitable for beginners in modeling just as an entry-level salary.

This is also one of the most popular types of modeling in Nigeria and you can tell the reason why the majority of models in Nigeria opt for this, models have the opportunity to meet new people, and they get more exposed to those that matter.

Runway modeling is a type of model which is very selective, those who are into this are carefully selected based on some requirements like height, weight, physique, intelligence, and so on, they are mostly used by designers to showcase brands they want people to know about.

#2. Commercial Models Salary (₦100,000 – ₦5 million)

The commercial models are mainly used for product advertisements hence the reason why they are handsomely paid. They act as a brand ambassador which usually comes as a contract and this implies they can be invited to any of the brands’ events as much as also being the face of a particular product.

As it is, models in the commercial model line are one of those who earn the most in the modeling industry and they usually get their earnings based on a signed agreement.

#3. Fashion Models Salary (₦20,000 – ₦150,000)

Those in the fashion aspect of modeling in Nigeria also earn well if we are to consider how easy their job is, they do not go through much stress and have the time to be selected for as many modeling job as possible.

Those in this line of modeling earns around ₦25,000 to ₦150,000 and they mostly are used by fashion designers, appear on blogs, magazines, newspaper, social media handles, and so on. Fashion models can however earn more based on the model agency they represent.

#4. Fitness Models (₦10,000 – ₦80,000)

If you are physically fit then this is the modeling line you want to go with which will enable you to earn extra money while being fit and also give you the time to do whichever job you already had.

Models in this line usually maintain their fitness by regularly visiting the gym to maintain their fitness, they are mostly used in sport-related adverts, manpower drugs, wellness drugs, and also to advertise fitness equipment.

#5. Glamour Models Salary (₦10,000 – ₦50,000)

This is a bit similar to that of fashion modeling, Glamour models are specially selected models, they are always very beautiful, and height isn’t a necessity here all that matters most is attractiveness.

They are used for professional pictures which are then sed on websites, blogs, magazines e.t.c.

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Modeling is a very good job young Nigerians can opt for, the industry is massively in need of models who can give their best through their God-given physique or looks.

As you can see the pay is good considering the fact that you can do it as a part-time business or full-time and also the prices are based on one job which means you can get 10-20 jobs which is something worth doing as a full-time business.

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