Fulani Traditional Wedding Attire (50 Stunning Photos)

The Fulani tribe can be found all across West Africa, Central Africa, and as far as the deserts in North Africa. Looking for a bridal shoot to take inspiration from? We’ve got you covered with the following photos which are works of art embodied in a Fulani traditional wedding attire.

Fulani Traditional Wedding Attire

What is Fulani male attire called?

Though some Fulanis have settled within communities where they migrated to and others remain wholly nomadic, Fulani women are quite easy to recognise with their distinct but beautiful features such as high cheekbones, clear and captivating eyeballs, very long hair, flawless complexion and in a word, “everything about her structure”

Outfits For Fulani Bride

What is Fulani female attire called?

The Fulani people that settled with the Northern Nigerian tribes including the Hausas and Kanuris experience culture overlaps with these tribes. Because of the reserved nature of the Fulanis, they easily adopt these dress styles, cultures and traditions even the ones as far off as the Yoruba bridal attire.

The nomadic Fulanis still practice core Fulani wedding traditions where the bride wears a white cotton 2-piece outfit with bright accents. The attire is adorned with beaded bangles, very large gold jewellery, earrings, and headbands around her neatly-braided hair.

Fulani Traditional Wedding Attire

Very typical of the Fulani tribe whether nomadic or immigrant is the intricate lalle or henna designs used to decorate her palms, hands, and legs to show her rich cultural heritage.

Because of how important it is for a bride to look amazing on her big day, we showcased the beauty of the Northern Fulani bride in all her beauty. From the outfit, makeup, and accessories, to the henna, we covered everything to get you wedding-ready.

The fashion and style of the Fulani people

The Fulani traditional wedding is often mistaken for the Hausa and Kanuri wedding ceremonies. Arewa is an Hausa word which means North. Most brides in Northern Nigeria are referred to as Arewa brides. They are mostly Muslims and as such the traditional marriage ceremony are similar in some ways. However, there are unique features of the traditional marriage rites across each of the tribes in the north.

Pictures Showing Stylish Fulani Traditional Marriage Attires

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