40+ Butterfly Locs Hairstyles You Should Try

40+ Butterfly Locs Hairstyles You Should Try

When it comes to beautiful hairstyles, butterfly locs are highly recognized because of the texture and low maintenance needed for them and today we will provide you with beautiful Butterfly Locs Hairstyles You Should Try.

They last longer than the box braids made with attachments, kinky, or wool. It is a great maintenance hairstyle for busy moms and a cool hairstyle for ladies who want to keep up with the trends.

Butterfly Locs is more like a combination of the styles in Goddess locs or even faux locs and passion twist. Here some strands of the locs are pulled out using a crotchet needle. If not properly made, it would look like dirty dreadlocks.

For the Butterfly locs hairstyles, you can use Bohemian raid, Faux loc, Kiki braid extension, or free-tress water wave braiding hair.

The only downside of butterfly locs hairstyles is that they can look quite messy especially the Bohemian locs if not properly treated.

To ensure that your butterfly locs last even longer, you can use sprays for dreadlocks on them. If you can’t afford that, then go for a deep moisturizer.

Pictures Of The Top Butterfly Locs Hairstyles You Should Try

Butterfly Locs Hairstyles With Frontals
White jumbo butterfly locs hairstyles with frontals
Butterfly Locs Hairstyles
Color Combo of brown and blonde Butterfly locs
Butterfly Locs Hairstyles
Distressed bohemian bob locs for women

Black butterfly locs for the classic lady

Soft Locs
Smooth soft locs
Butterfly Locs
Shoulder length locs with beautiful brown and blonde color mix
Distressed Locs
Bohemian Crotchet Distressed locs

The butterfly locs keeps your scalp healthy especially if you have a soft hair texture

Shoulder Length Reggae Locs
Shoulder-length reggae locs

Butterfly box braids you do not want to miss out on this year.

Short Butterfly Dreadlocks
Short butterfly dreadlocks
Bob Rasta Locs
Bob Rasta Locs

Butterfly locs are stylish only when your stylist understands the assignment

Detailed View Of The Short Dreadlocks Above
Detailed view of the short black distressed locks
Distressed Dreadlocks With Deep Twist Curls
Distressed dreadlocks with deep twist curls

Bob Butterfly Locs are gorgeous and ideal for any kind of event. The curls at the tips leave you with a statement look of bold, elegant, and beautiful

Shoulder Length Distressed Locs For Women
Shoulder length distressed locs for women

Bohemian distressed butterfly locs are protective hairstyles with lots of cool packing styles. 10 Inch Butterfly Locs is the average length for making faux locs. This hairstyle is also less painful since the crotchet is not made to stay too tight on the hair scalp.

Extra Fluffy Butterfly Locs
Extra fluffy butterfly locs

Maintain your natural hair strands with this simple butterfly braid.

Gypsy Locs For Ladies
Gypsy locs for ladies
Backview Of The Ombre Gypsy Dreadlocks Above
Backview of the ombre gypsy dreadlocks with colorful tips
Rasta Block Locs
Rasta Block Locs
Twisted Dreadlocks For Women
Twisted dreadlocks for women
Gypsy Dreadlocks For Women
Gypsy dreadlocks for women
Back View Of The Gypsy Locs
Two-color Gypsy locs
Ombre Reggae Locs
Boho Ombre locs

Soft butterfly locs are pretty, trendy, and doesn’t get messed up as the Bohemian distressed locs

Ombre Rasta Locs
Boho locs witn faux tips

This distressed butterfly loc style may take you 7 or 8 packs of the Kiki braid extension.

Bob Reggae Locs
Bob Boho loc
Shoulder Length Butterfly Dreadlocks Wig
Shoulder length butterfly dreadlocks wig
Style Inspiration For Butterfly Locs
Style inspiration for medium-length butterfly locs
Thick Short Butterfly Dreads
Thick short butterfly dreads
Nu Locs
Bohemian Butterfly locs

Spend lesser time at the hair salon with this easy-to-make crochet butterfly locs

Extra Fluffy Bob Butterfly Locs Hairstyles
Extra fluffy Bob butterfly locs hairstyles
Long Soft Locs For Women
Long soft locs for women
Colorful Butterfly Locs Styles
Colorful jumbo butterfly locs styles
White Fluffy Butterfly Locs Hairstyles
White fluffy butterfly faux locs hairstyles
Shoulder Length Distressed Locs
Shoulder length distressed locs
Colorful Distressed Locs
Colorful distressed locs
Back View Of The Distressed Locks Above
Back view of the distressed locks above
Nu Locs For Ladies
Bohemian locs for ladies
Light Gypsy Dreadlocks
Blonde Gypsy dreadlocks
Detailed View Of The Gypsy Locs
Detailed view of the gypsy locs
Bob Butterfly Locs
Bob Butterfly Faux Locs
Detailed View Of The Bob Butterfly Locs
Detailed view of the Bob Butterfly Locs
Color Pop On Beaded Locs
Color pop on beaded locs
Inside View Of The Color Pop On Beaded Locs
Crotchet Butterfly locs
Beaded Gypsy Locs
Beaded Gypsy locs

Butterfly locs hairstyles is one of the latest hairstyles in trend. You can choose the length you want to make your locs to. Whether short or long, the hairstyle is still peng.

Short Butterfly Locs Hairstyles
Short butterfly locs hairstyles
Shoulder Length Reggae Locs
Shoulder-length reggae locs

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