New Black Nails Design in 2024

Coming from the Little Black Dress (LBD), we already know how gorgeous the color black can be. When you think of black nails design, you can imagine awesome shades of nail art adorning your fingers and toes.

From the stylish black acrylic nails and elegant matte designs to the dramatic coffin black nail designs, you would definitely come to love black nails as a starter.

If you’ve been making dark nails, there are lots of ways you can step up your basic black manicure, whether you want to keep it simple in a matte form or you like to spice things up with extra long v-tip nails.

Some of the very common nail trends that you should really consider trying out this year are the Black matte nails with gold glitter, All black powder nails, black French nail designs, Black and white marble nail design, Black butterfly nail design, Black Aztec Nail Art Design, and Black snake-tip nails amongst others.

We’ve pictured some of the best breathtaking nail designs including press-on nails and nail polish designs. Keep scrolling to see them!

Pictures of the Black Nails Design

1. Glittery nail design

Black nails design

Sparkles are lovely stunners and when you combine all-black nails with gold and silver glitter accents, you would find them super cool.

For a more creative pattern, try on some black nail polish on your natural nails, and when it dries up, apply some glitter nail polish over it. It wouldn’t exactly create the Obsidian look, but would give you a stunning nail look!

2. Ombre Black Nail Design

Black nails design

3. Simple pattern nail design

Black nails Design short

Whether you would be applying some black nail polish on your short or natural nails or painting your artificial nails with this all-black nail look, you would come to love gel polishes because they last way longer than most other nail polishes.

4. Plain black toe nail design

Short black nail designs

5. Black nail design with white markings

Black chrome nails

6. Black & Pink Wiping Nail Design

Black nail designs with glitter

7. Black Nails + Feature Glitter Nail

Short Black Acrylic nails

8. Black Nails + Snow Flakes

Black acrylic nails
Black glitter nails

9. Rhinestone black nail design

Matte black nails
Matte Black Nails

Do you know what would be a great addition to your nails? Rhinestones! You can get them on press-on nails or you can add them to the black nail polish of your short nails.

10. Black + Nude Artistic Nails

Black Nail Designs to Try

11. Cute Black Nail Art

Black Nail Designs almond

Adding rhinestones to your nails doesn’t mean it must be a basic pattern, you can spice things up by creating cool designs on the nails too.

12. Black French Nail Design

latest fashion nail trend

13. Nude + Black Nail Tips & Designs

black nail designs with nude polish

14. Black Glittery Coffin Nails

Black Coffin Nails

15. Black Nails + Gold Detail

Black V-Tip

Should we say cute or incredible? Black & Gold Nails are an all-time winner. Be it your dress, shoes, sunglasses, and what have you, the blend never goes out of taste.

16. Black & Gold Nails

Dramatic Black Nails to Guide You in Fashion Style

Coming to nails, you could go for creative black nails design on different nails or gold in one, black in another, then a few cute designs on all to keep the look from being basic. Glitter nail polish can be quite functional for adorning black and gold nail art.

17. Black Nails + White Design

Black Sweater Nails

18. Matte Black Nails

Black French Tip Nails

For a simple yet classy look, go for this powdered black nails design. With a few accessories, you would easily elevate your hands without removing the focus from your primary look.

19. Glossy black nail design

Yin-Yang Black + White Nails

20. Black and Pink Nails + Flowers

Black Acrylic Nails Designs

21. 3D Black Nails Design

Black Nail Art

Trying on a cool girl look with no idea of what nails to make? This gorgeous black and white nail design should definitely be at the top of your choices.

22. Black and Red Nails

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23. Black and white stripes + pink ombre nail design

Black Nails + Snake Design

24. Short black press-on nails

Face Line Art

25. Black Nails With Sparkles

New Years Nail Designs

26. Black Nails + Gold Designs

Cute Spring Nails That Will Never Go Out Of Style : Black velvet nails with gold leaves

27. Black Gel Nails

Best Black Nail Art ideas | nail art, nail designs, pretty nails

28. Obsidian Black Nails

Gorgeous Black Nail Ideas You Need to Try ASAP

29. Black Matte Nails With Gold

The Best & Most Stylish Nail Art Ideas to Copy Now

30. Black & White Swirl Nails

Matte black nail designs
Long black nails designs

31. Matte Black Nails

Classy black nail designs

For something a little different from all the other styles you may have seen in the matte nails trend, try this fun variation with glossy black tips. You can wear them to work and around the house and have them sit pretty on your fingers.

32. Nude Nails + Black Tips

Black nails with glitter
 Best Black Nail Designs ideas

33. Black V-Tip Nails

Simple black nail designs
Black nails design

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