Guide to Choosing an Ankara Design (2024)

Ankara styles come in various designs and it’s easy to get stuck when deciding which one to wear. This guide to choosing an Ankara design is essential for anyone who intends to create an awesome style with their Ankara fabrics. Stay with us!

The Ankara fashion has now become widespread and you can easily spot at least 5 wearers each day you step out on the streets of Nigeria. It is no longer a matter of tribal patterns as all ethnic groups and tribes in Nigeria wear the fabric. Here is your one-stop guide to choosing an Ankara design

Guide to Choosing an Ankara Design

  1. Having a Good Knowledge of Your Body Type

Knowing your body type and the designs that would fit you is one capsule point we couldn’t leave out on this guide to choosing an Ankara design. To create a unique piece, tailor your dresses and designs to your body shape or size and you would come to appreciate the beauty of Ankara styles.

You might see a style that you love online but without proper knowledge of the fitting you would get on the same dress, you might end up ruining your fabric. That is why going by the mantra, “Your body first”, we thought to make this point the first on our list.

Leaving room for allowance in your styles is quite necessary in case you need to make adjustments to the cloth. Asides from your Ankara clothing, knowing your body type and selecting your wardrobe staples based on this is ideal for creative styling.

  1. Select a Color That Complements Your Skin Color

While choosing a style is what you have in mind, the colors, prints, and patterns on your fabric determine the extent of styling that would go into it. Bright original Ankara fabric colors create a vibrant appeal for the wearer and may not need as much styling as would for a dull fabric. The latter requires extra styling to improve the appearance of the style.

Bright colors of Ankara fabric can be worn corporately or formally, same with the dull colored ones. To rock your style to any type of gathering, you should choose one with a good blend of colors and patterns that complement your skin type. You can play safe with simple styles or step up the heat of your styling with extra patterning and details.

  1. What Do You Want to Sew?

Would it be an Ankara dress, a shirt, blouse, trousers, shorts, a skirt, a jumpsuit, rompers, or a mix-and-match pattern? You need to decide the attire you want to make before choosing designs that would suit it.

The event you wish to attend also plays a role in the attire you can wear. It’s much easier to pick a perfect style that complements the fabric when you know what exactly you want to make. Choose wisely and choose tastefully.

  1. Choosing a Good Designer

With a good designer, tailor, or seamstress, you’re a few steps from slaying your gorgeous design. A good designer is necessary because he or she will guide you on the style that would look good on you and would serve the occasion you have in mind.

You need to be wary of the tailor you pick to create your Ankara style if you don’t want to show up on social media with pictures of “What I ordered vs What I got”.

  1. Wear Cuts and Slits That Feels Comfortable to You

To make guided choices with your Ankara fabric, select designs, and patterns that you can comfortably wear. If you want to bare some skin, know the extent of skin-barring that feels comfortable to you. High thigh slits, cutouts, and deep v-necklines are cool and alluring but the extent of the cut should be one that you can boldly wear.

You can go for a flattering cut that is creative with a spice of modernity without being too extra, especially when you have to show up for formal events in the cloth. For true elegance, simplicity is key, and creative crafts locks in the chic notes on the style.

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