Short Nail Designs You Should Try This 2024

Short Nail Designs are still bae so don’t let anyone make you feel that if you’re not hopping on the long nails trend, you can’t be sleek. There are lots of fun short nail art that you can try on and splendid designs for the classy and elegant lady.

If you’re not really into fixing nails but still want to make sure you have a nice mani, then short nails it is for you. Or you’ve been having long nails for as long as you can think of but want to transition to shorter nails without freaking out about the length, the lovely designs would keep you staring down at your nails every second.

What of the lady who has been used to fixing nails and nail paintings, don’t worry, this post is also for you. We’ve got amazing designs and patterns that you can take inspiration from in getting your nails done.

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30+ Pictures of Short Nail Designs

1. Pink Nails and Red Tips Design for Short Nails

 Nail Designs for Short Nails

Starting with the very simple nail art. These cute pink nails with red tips is something you should go for if you love cute little designs but don’t want to get so much done on you nails. You can also try this nail design in other color combinations such as pink and white or pink and black for a little artsy cute design.

2. Brown Nails with Gold Details

Cute Short Nail Designs To Recreate

This fall nail design is certainly a winner with the gold spiral markings on it. They are not only reserved for autumn but also, you can wear them in spring, summer, and winter.

3. Sparkly White and Glitter Nail Design for Short Nails

Short Gel Nails

We love everything about this combination. From the spectacular white nail polish to the Glistening details of the sparkles below, you’d definitely have your nails all out at any event.

4. Great Manicure With Zero Nail Polish

Natural Nail Designs

Who doesn’t love an awesome mani whether or not you’ve be getting some nail polish on? Absolutely no one! This is the easiest nail design to get done and although there isn’t any art on it, you can start from here to retain healthy nails.

5. Nude Nail Design with Shiny Striped Pattern

Short nails

For nail designs that borders between cute and stylish, we’d recommend this one.

6. Navy Blue Gel Nail Polish

Short gel nail designs

A mani must-have for all our glossy nail lovers. Just a navy or dark gel nail polish and you’re already serving the classic chic vibes

7. Red and Camel Colored Nails

Short Square Nails

The festive feeling of Christmas comes with a fresh pop of red and neural nail polish. This nail masterpiece is fun to make and fun to wear. With a quality nail polish, your nails will look as smooth and sleek as the one in the picture above

8. Red Nail Polish Coat

Short Classy Nails

If you’re big on gorgeous but simple short nail designs, here’s your stunner. Red is the color of attention, so you’re sure to have all eyes on you when you wear this showstopper.

9. Pink and Purple Nail Designs

Stunning Short Nails Ideas and Designs

All you need to make this cute pink and Barbie pattern are cute baby pink nail polish, neon pink polish (which you’d tone down with the baby pink) and glitter pastel purple or grey nail polish.

10. Pink and Rhinestones Nail Design

Short Stiletto Nails

11. White and Purple Glitter Combo Nails

Nail art pic

The contrast formed by the glittery silver and purple undercoat with the white base coat is especially striking. Something you’d love to do if you want your friends to always take s second guess on how your nail art was done

12. Pink Square Nails with Glitter

Short Coffin Nails

13. Cute Pink and Dark Red Nail Design

Nail Art Set

14. Cute Girly Nail Design

One Simple Solid Colour ยท Nude Nails

15. Cool Nail Design for Short Nails

French Manicures
Classic French Manicure

16. Nude and Red Nails

Most Trending Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

17. Baby Pink, Hot Pink and White Nail Design

Short Nail Ideas and Designs to Add to Your Mani Rotation

18. Pink and Star Detailed Nails

Anime Nail Art

19. Bunny Patterned Nails

Best Short nails art ideas

This artful cute nail design is a bit time consuming but the final result you get is certainly worth the effort.

20. Gold Glittery Nail Designs

Short Nail Designs

21. Light Pink and Glitter Nail Design

Short nail designs simple

22. Snow Flakes and Colorful Glitter Nails

Short nail designs fall

23. Cute Chrome Nails

Short nail designs acrylic

24. Classy Summer Nail Design for Short Nails

Cute short nail designs

25. Burgundy and Gold Short Nail Designs

Best Nail Art Designs Gallery

26. Purple and Metallic Gradient Nail Design

Short nail designs for summer
Trendy short nail designs

27. Pink, Blue & White Nail Art

Short nail designs pink

28. Red Glossy Nails & White Polish with Snow Flakes

Classy short nail designs

29. Pink Base and Gold Stars Short Nail Designs

Classy Short Nail Designs You Need to Try

30. Pink Nails and Black Tips

Letter Nail Art

Don’t want all black nails? Do the tips only, it equally looks cute and adds on the edgy notes you may be wishing for.

31. Purple and White Polished Nails

Nail Art Designs

32. Glitter Nail Design for Short Nails

 Short Nail Designs For Your Next Manicure

33. Illusion Gel Polished Nails

Short Black and Nude Nails

34. Floral and Pink Glitter Nails


Now we’ve come to the end of this post, which of these nail designs will you try first? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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