Top 10 Best Shoe Making Schools in Nigeria (2024)

In today’s article, we have compiled the top best shoe making schools in Nigeria, the shoe making institutions on this list are carefully selected and they have over the years made a name for themselves thereby getting ranked as the leading shoe-making schools in the country.

For those who are interested in upgrading their skills and getting certified by approved shoe making institutions in Nigeria, we have the best for you to choose from. You can never get it wrong with this list.

You cannot deny the fact that the Nigeria of today focuses on skill acquisition better than the traditional education, Though none is better than the other it is usually advised after being done with the normal education you try to acquire a skill.

Acquiring skills gives you an edge and also gives you the opportunity to increase your income so as not to complain about the poor economy of the country, once you have a skill you too can be an employer of labour.

Now that we have many trying to learn a skill there has been an increase in demand for those who can professionally train people on skills that will, in turn, help the student to attain financial independence.

Based on popular demand we have collated this list taking a closer look at the expertise, professional teachers, years of existence, records made over the years, and the products from the 10 best schools.

Without taking your time let us dive into the list of the best shoe manufacturing schools or companies in Nigeria with details on how to contact them.

The 10 Best Shoe Making Schools in Nigeria

1. The Footwear Academy


The footwear Academy was established in the year 2017 by a couple “Ben Chuks and his darling wife Chidinma” mainly because they were concerned about the level of shoe importation in Nigeria, this made them establish a shoemaking school and even the fact it has not been long it was established the school stands out among the top best footwear schools in Nigeria.

At The Footwear Academy, you learn footwear production and training on designing, construction, and mass manufacturing of shoes for the Nigerian market likewise for export purposes.

Once you start learning in this school you will be equipped with every knowledge needed to thrive in the shoe-making industry and also make you compete with your counterparts globally.

This school has decided to put Africa on the global shoe-producing countries and they are doing this effectively.

With the necessary skills and technology, their students receive the best training and mentorship in footwear production Also being an alumnus of this school and also being certified means you are a professional that can’t be ignored as far as shoe production is concerned in Nigeria and also in Africa.

The tutors at this school are well-educated, well-trained, and very skillful, they are graduates from Italian footwear-making academies in Naples.

To contact TFA you can visit them at Plot 49, Old Express Road, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, and also through their phone numbers +2347055458828 or 08182336533 and also via their email address.

2. Feldmann Enterprise Development

Shoe manufacturer

This is a vocational training school and is also ranked as one of the best footwear producers in Nigeria. Feldmann Enterprise Development equips interested individuals with everything that should be known about shoemaking. The company was established in the year 2012 and started empowering Nigerians on how to manufacture classic/modern shoes that meet up with global standards.

One thing to take along is that the school is an approved Skill Acquisition & Entrepreneurial Development (SAED) usually being introduced to NYSC corps members in Lagos State.

Once you enroll with Feldmann Enterprise Development you are to go through a four-month intensive course where you will learn different things about shoe designs, molding and shoemaking in general. With no doubt by the time you are done with this 4-month intensive training, you will be able to make world-class shoes fit for the international markets.

You can reach Feldmann through their address at No 18, Odunlami Street – Anthony Village, Lagos State Nigeria. Also, you can call their phone digits to inquire about whatever you need answers to +2348039102829, 08071110484.

3. NCR Design Shoemaking School

This is a shoe-making school that doesn’t only focus on shoemaking but also on bag making, They have operated courses on general leather works since its establishment in the year 2014. NCR Design Shoemaking School has a wide range of courses for you to choose from and you learn every aspect both practicals and motivations on how to expand.

When you opt for this school you will be equipped with training in stitching, pattern drafting, finishing, distribution, advertising, and many more. The school is located at No 17, Otunba Joaquim Avenue Off Ago Palace Way Okota, Lagos State Nigeria. Phone: +2348056792604 or 07031667718.

4. Istituto Di Moda Burgo Nigeria

This is one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria that is also into shoe making, as the name implies you can tell it is an Italian shoe making company and history has it that the best leather or shoes are from Italy.

For someone who wants a bright future in his/her shoe making business you need to be told to enroll in the school, it has branches all over the world which makes it the best international shoe-making school you can find in Nigeria.

With a five-month intensive training on their courses, you will learn all you need to know about shoe manufacturing.

Shoe Making Schools in Nigeria

For a school of this reputation, you can tell their fee will be on the high side but it is worth it as you get value for money spent. They are located at No 15, Kazeem Eletu Street, Off Price Ibrahim Eletu Street – Osapa London, Lekki Lagos Nigeria.

5. OctoXII School Of Shoemaking & Craft

This is another of the top ten best shoemaking schools in Nigeria, the school was established in 2007 by Sunday Oyewale. OctoXII School Of Shoemaking & Craft is a Lagos-based footwear academy with a humble beginning in a leather shop, With hard work it became a branded school with positive reviews it.

You do not have to worry about the cost as OctoXII School Of Shoemaking & Craft gives every interested individual the opportunity to learn shoe-making skills with them and become a professional shoe manufacturer.

The school has its courses sectioned on beginners and advanced learners so it is easy to train their students. For those who are a bit busy and would prefer online training, you also can enroll and get trained. Many of their footwear brands can be seen in the market which shows the school is performing well and up to the task.

You can visit them at Plot 5, Adebisi Bolanle Street Alakuko, Ifako Ijaiye, Ikeja – Lagos State. Phone no; +2348026163183.

6. Culturefoot Wears

When talking about the best footwear schools in Nigeria Culturefoot Wears comes to mind, this is a popular shoe manufacturing institution in Nigeria with its school situated in Lagos State (Ijeshatedo Precisely) at Surulere. This is a company that focuses on mass shoe productions ranging from leather shoes, men’s and women’s shoes, accessories, etc.

7. FootVilla Leather Craft

This is another top footwear company in Nigeria with years of experience speaking for them. They produce leather products or crafts like casual footwear, fashionable leather accessories, industrial footwear, etc. Visit them at Km 54, Sultan Dasuki Road, Federal Housing Estate, Kubwa Phase 1, Abuja Nigeria.

8. Nigeria Institute of Leather & Science Technology (NILEST)

Footwear academy

Here is a research and training institute situated at Samaru, Zaria in Kaduna State. The school was established with the aim of training students and equipping them with professional courses which will make them professional shoe manufacturers in the country and at the same time give them the platform to compete with their counterparts in Africa and globally.

NILEST is focused on allied products processing which is then used in making belts, bags, mats, carpets, and footwear.

9. MCI Leather Craft & School of Shoemaking

At MCI Leather & Craft School your dream of becoming one of the best professional shoe manufacturers to come through. This school has courses on shoe and designing of which you won’t only be able to manufacture shoes but also know how to craft out the best designs.
They are located adjacent Sports Hostel, Abuja Campus Uniport, Choba, Port-Harcourt in Rivers State.

10. Beazy Academy

Shoe Making Schools in Nigeria

Last but not least on our list of best shoemaking schools in Nigeria we have Beazy Academy. This is a school centered on vocational training, you learn the art of making shoes and bags in just a 2-month course program.

At Beazy Academy they specialize in any form of finished leather product ranging from making bags, repairing shoes, bulk shoe manufacturing, and other related professional courses.

This is a company you want to learn from as it has been accredited by the Industrial Training Fund (I.T.F) likewise NYSC for corps members who want to acquire a shoe-making skill through SAED.

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