Top 10 Fashion Designers in Ghana

Fashion designers are a very popular and vibrant set of people. This article centers on explaining the top fashion designers in Ghana. These fashion designers are creative and have invested many efforts in making beautiful clothes that made them achieve this feat. 

These top fashion designers in Ghana are popular for their well-crafted designs that beautify the Ghanaian fabric. These designers are known for their designs that have made Ghana a part of the world of fashion.

Top Fashion Designers in Ghana

This section includes the top fashion designers in Ghana that has made a name for themselves in the fashion field. 

Christie Brown

Christie Brown is one of the top fashion designers in Ghana that makes traditional African attire. She adds a sense of modernism in all her designs and this has made her stand out from her peers in the fashion field. Her fashion brand has an international appeal due to her inclusion of the African culture in most of her clothing designs.

Her brand has been worn by important and high-class personalities like Lucy Quist, TY Hunter, Jumoke Adenowo, Menaya Donkor, and a host of others.

Leslie Wiredu

Lesile Wiredu is a well-known make fashion designer in Ghana. He is versed in designing movies for customers and wears. His creativity has earned him the opportunity to design the clothes of famous Ghanaian artists. His designs are usually worn by music artists to shoot their music videos or stage performances.

He has seen a host of individuals and high personalities. Some of them are Billionaire Davido, Guru, Eden, Sarkodie, and others. 

Kofi Okyere

Kofi Okyere didnt start out as a fashion designer initially. He left his career to pursue fashion design due to his love for it. He used to be a Radio broadcaster before venturing into fashion designing. He launched his nineteen 57 lines of clothing. Kofi is no doubt a top fashion designer in Ghana because he has showcased some of his designs in Fashion shows across the country. 

His works are promoted by high-profile individuals and politicians because he knows his onions and they are well pleased with the designs headed for them.

Elisha Boie

Elisha Boie is a young fashion designer in Ghana. He isn’t just young, he is also a top-rated fashion designer in the country. He has a fashion brand which he named Boie clothing. His creation of graphics Shirts and Jersey Pieces made him popular all around the country. 

His beautiful designs cannot just be underrated because his pieces were once showcased in France. 

Aisha Ayensu

Aisha is well known and successful because of her trendy and classy designs. She is. very versed in creating stage customers pieces. Her designs enjoy wide publicity because she’s good at what she does. Her designs are showcased across African Continent. 

Her designs are used by famous individuals and personalities and this isn’t excluded the Famous international singer Beyonce. She sews Beyonce’s customers and that of her dancers. 


Abrantie is a fashion designer that sews basically for men in Ghana. He designs shirts, ties, and trousers using African printed cloth. His design depicts a sense of Africanism and this attracts Africans around the world. 

Also, his clothes infuse a sense of African culture and style and people show a distinguished African look. 

Velma’s Millinery and Accessories

Velma’s Millinery deals with making hats and accessory designs. Belma is good when it comes to accessory designs and she has received a lot of compliments and ratings across the world for her creativity. She makes eye-catching fascinators designs and thus makes her stand out among her peers in the fashion world. 

Her collections of Fascinators are being featured on CNN Africa. Many celebrities love her fascinator collections and hats. They include Jackie Appiah, Sandra Ankobiah, Zynell Zuh, and so many others. 


Brommon is one of the top fashion designers in Ghana that sews mainly for men. He makes Italian suits that are perfect for occasions and so many outings. His clothing is meant for high-class individuals and he makes sure his designs serve this purpose. 

Some of his well-known and important clients are Bola Ray, Stephen Appiah, Nathaniel Attoh, and Sarkodie. 

Ajoa Akwaboa

Ajoa Akwaboa is a top fashion designer in Ghana that designs wedding dresses and attires. Some of her dresses and attires have gone viral and are being showcased to a wide range of people across the world. Her clothes enjoy wide popularity because she showcases some of her styles on Instagram. 

She is good at what she does and some of her designs are being recreated by other fashion designers these days. 


ShebyBena has beautiful, colorful, and fascinating designs. Her clothes and designs head made her popular among the high-class individuals and elites in the society. She delivers top-notch and Quality designs that catch the fancy of all eyes. 

She has seen her designs for notable personalities and celebrities like Jackie Appiah, Sandra Ankobiah, Beca, Efya, and many others. 


The above contains the top fashion designers in Ghana according to our ratings, however, if you feel we left out any, or there is an upcoming fashion designer you would love to introduce to us, please kindly do so using the comment section below. Before you go, check out the Top 10 Best Fashion Schools to attend.

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