Lisa Folawiyo Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Facts

Lisa Folawiyo is a Nigerian Fashion designer who has made a name for herself in Nigeria and other countries of the world regarding her fashion line. She was originally a trained lawyer before creating her own fashion line. This article is centered on Lisa Folawiyo Net Worth and everything you need to know about her. Her fans and lovers who deemed it fit to know about her and how she got to this feat will find this piece useful. 

Lisa Folawiyo Net Worth and Biography

Lisa Falawiyo is a Nigeria Fashion Designer that was born on June 5, 1976. She was internationally recognized to have founded the brand ” Jewel by Lisa. She was born and brought up in Lagos state and that has always been her inspiration be a use she believes “Lagos never sleep”.

She is one of the top-listed and most influential fashion designers in Nigeria. She was also a recipient of Africa’s Fashion Award in 2012. That same year she was featured in Vogue Italia. 

Lisa Folawiyo’s Career

In 2015, she was featured on the Business of Fashion 500 list. Initially, Lisa Folawiyo studies Law at the University of Lagos but as of now, she’s a successful Fashion designer. She has showrooms in Nigeria and New York. Also, some of her collections are stickers in the UK, USA, South Africa, and her home country Nigeria. 

She found her success sticking to an unusual aesthetic. She incorporates traditional West African Textiles such as Ankara. This is assisted by modern tailoring techniques with an emphasis on beading and sequin trim. 

Lisa Folawiyo makes it a point of duty to always showcase her works globally year in year out. She has also elevated Fashion Outfits with her beading and embellishments. Her outfits have been worn by celebrities including Issa Rae. 

She presented her clothing collection in 2020 in the Paris Fashion Week. She is a mise to other designers owing to the fact that she makes great designs that attracts individuals and people of high class. Her Instagram page is maddened with clothing designs and a host of her design collections. Her Instagram handle is Lisa’s World.

Lisa Folawiyo Net Worth

She is no doubt an influential fashion Designer. Lisa Folawiyo Net Worth is estimated at $1.5 million. She achieved this feat as a fashion designer at the age of 45. 

This feat she achieved is such an enviable feat and it is achieved solely through her fashion design and not as a Lawyer.

Her Age and Height

She is 45 years (2021) of age currently and she will be a year older in June this year. Her height isn’t available at the moment. It’ll be updated soon.

Her Family Life

Lisa Folawiyo Net Worth not withstanding, She is a married woman and she has been married for 18 years. She also has two children whose gender isn’t disclosed to the public. Her father-in-law is the Late Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo.

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