What Color Shoes Go With a Green Dress

Green is nature’s tone and a great outfit choice for when you want to embrace the fresh notes of mother nature. To look great and create a stunning statement in your outfit, you should know what color shoes go with a green dress.

A cohesive pair will be fun to wear and even if you wish to create a bold statement, looking put-together is still important. Over here, we will walk you through the best shoes to wear with a green dress and also some of the footwear that you can pair with the different shades of your green dress. Stay with us!

What Color Shoes to Wear With Green Dress

If you’ve been wondering what color shoes to wear with a green dress, then you’re in for a treat. Over here are some color combinations that you can try out with your green gowns to create an interesting look.

Green Dress With Gold Heels

Green Dress With Gold Heels

Gold metallic pointy heels are trendy at the moment and they tend to pair well with green dresses. The best part of pairing gold shoes with a green dress is that you can choose to wear it with a toned-down green dress or a glittery gown. Gold looks rich and adds some glam to your outfit. A radiant gold shoe can add some vibrancy to your dress while a tan gold balances out the look.

If you love a bold vibe, then you can opt for sparkly metallic gold heels and a green sequin dress. For a subtle look, you can blend earthy green dress shades with gold boots or sandals.

Pink Shoes and Green Dress

Pink Shoes and Green Dress

Pink is a contrasting shade that you might never have imagined wearing with a green dress, however, you can dare the look. To style pink shoes with a green dress, opt for more feminine and calmer green tones. They would easily blend in with the look without offering much contrast.

You can try pink sandals, stilettos or even boots, they are all ideal to wear with a green dress. If you are wondering what bold color shoes to wear with a dark green or an apple green dress, pink will be the most suitable and contrasting choice.

Red Shoes with a Green Dress

Red Shoes with a Green Dress

Red is a color that should come to mind when thinking of what color shoes to wear with a green dress. Whether you’re considering wearing red sandals, brogue, or pumps, red makes a whole lot of difference. Ordinarily, red is an attention-grabbing color and it works with almost every color; with green hues, it looks exceptional. 

Red Shoes with a Green Dress

When you choose to pair shoes in red with green outfits, you are sure to make the most impact. In your pairing, ensure that both shades complement each other to avoid creating a distracting ensemble.

Silver Colour Shoes With Green Dress

Silver Colour Shoes With Green Dress

Sparkling silver shoes can also be great choices of shoes to wear with green dresses. If you love a minimalistic vibe, you can opt for one with a subtle sparkle. Whichever silver shoe you choose as long as it has that metallic look, will complement the green dress, and will always look cool for your special occasions. 

Shoes that combine silver and gold look pretty perfect and if you can get your hands on Rose gold heels, you’re in for a treat. Much more when your green dress is in a lighter shade.

If you’re a wedding guest and your dress is in an emerald green shade, then a sparkly silver-heeled shoe will absolutely look perfect. Then if you’re heading out to the beach or poolside with a hunter green mini dress, strappy sandals would have a great ring to your outfit. For khaki green and bright apple green dresses in the casual style, you can pair them with silver-embellished footwear, be it sandals or sneakers.

Green Dress with Black Heels

Green Dress with Black Heels

Green and black are a classic combo; by choosing black shoes to wear with green dresses, you’re already setting the pace for an elegant and sophisticated ensemble. If your green dress is in a neon or very bright shade, you should be careful not to overdress it. Black shoes are very functional here as they easily blend with most colors and are suitable for all seasons. 

You can never go wrong with black as the dark shade is neutral yet lively. Black allows you the opportunity to wear it with all shades of green; from olive green and mustard green to turquoise and emerald green. When you want to switch from black, navy shoes are great shoes to wear with a green dress.

Grey Shoes for Green Dresses

When wearing a brightly colored green dress, a grey shoe can help tone down the look. Because of its neutral and relaxed hue, you can wear it with just about any green shade. However, if you’re wearing a dull or pastel green dress, Grey shoes may not be ideal pairs as they can make the overall attire look dull.

In winter, you can opt for grey knee-high boots to provide warmth while blending with the season’s aesthetic. Then for upbeat events, you can choose grey stilettos or pumps to wear with your green dress. If you’re looking for more relaxed shoes to wear with your casual green dresses, think ballet flats or espadrilles. 

White Color Heels With Green Dress

White shoes blend more with green when you’re styling them for special events. You can pair white block heels or stilettos with emerald green dresses or forest green dresses. To create a cohesive look, pair the outfit with some gold jewelry, then finish off with a neutral clutch bag.

what colours go with green dress

On a casual summer day, your green dress will look absolutely stunning with a lower height of heels. Looking for what color shoes to wear with a green dress? White is certainly that color. Bonus tip: If you have a light green dress, mint green, or sage green dress with white heels you’re in for a treat.

Orange Shoes That Match Green Dress

A warmer combination that you can try out with your green dresses is orange shoes. Just like the fruits on an orange tree look fresh and lively with the green leaves, that same way your dark green dress, vibrant green gown, emerald dress, or hunter green dress would look modern and sophisticated with orange shoes. Bright orange shoes pair best with dark green shoes while light orange works well with pastel and light greens. 

If you’re looking for what shoes to wear with a green dress at the beach, a vacation, or a garden party, feel free to experiment with slip-ons, slides, and strappy sandals respectively. Orange sneakers can also be a vibe for casual settings as they are more relaxed to wear. For formal events, you should opt for block-heeled orange boots or shoes to pair with your green dress.

Green Dress With Green Shoes

what color goes with green dress

You really can’t go wrong with green on green. While they may not be the most creative colors to wear together, they are still fun to wear if you style them properly.

Since green represents life, nature, and productivity, your combo will have a fresh air and earthy note to it. 

If you’re wondering what shoes to wear with a green dress and green comes to mind, you’re still on the right track. A monochrome style has never seemed to ever hurt. Although it may not be the best color to wear, it is a great way to step your styling out of your comfort zone and try new things. Ensure you combine the outfit with eye-catching accessories to cut down on the plain look.

Neutral Color Shoes and Green Dresses

What Color Shoes Go With a Green Dress

Neutrals like tan, brown, beige, or nude are subtle colors that look great when paired with a green dress. If you’re wondering what color shoes go with a green dress in the fall season, then neutral tones will be ideal. They create a nice aesthetic when you wear them in autumn as they blend with the environment’s features. 

You can wear this nature-inspired dress to work, holiday events, casual meetups, and at home. A tan or light brown shoe paired with a light green dress will balance the attire without overpowering it. Another pair that provides a neutral balance in your ensemble is a combination of caramel brown boots and dark green flowy dresses. 

What Color Shoes Go With a Green Dress

For some visual harmony, you may want to try out a floral dress with brown notes and light taupe shoes. Beige is functional with almost all green shades as they tend to create a more laid-back feeling and hardly compete with greens.

Shoes to Wear With Green Dress Depending on the Dress Shade

For your different green dress, there’s always a shoe color that works best. Having gone through some of the lovely colors that go well with green dresses, let’s take a look at what color shoes will be ideal for some common green shades. 

What Color Shoes To Wear With a Khaki Dress

A khaki dress is a lovely color to wear during Spring/Summer. Whether in the flare or bodycon style, it looks great either way and with the right shoe color, can be even more stunning. 

Shoes For Dark Green Dress

Orange shoes look great with very dark green dresses as the lighter ones can get you looking like you have a pumpkin costume on. When you want to make a statement, green on greens would be lovely to wear especially if one of the shades is in dark green. 

Not everyone can score a 10 in this look as the matching should be done with green shades that blend well together. And no, it’s not just about pairing two completely opposite green shades. 

Gold loafers, coral pumps, or pink sandals are also amazing pieces to wear with dark greens as they can create a laid-back or dressed-up vibe, depending on the details. A dark green dress with white color shoes will certainly have an eye-catching effect because of its boldness.

Shoes for Yellow-Green Dress Shades

Lime green is the yellow-toned green while apple green is the more vivid yellow-green. You can wear yellow shoes to match the apple green dress then a yellow-orange hued shoe for lime greens. 

Dark colors like black or navy and neutrals like brown or beige look great with both apple green and lime green outfits. If you’re trying to figure out what stunning shoes to wear with lime green frocks without faulting the look, think of gold, silver, or even clear shoes.

Blue-Green Shoes to Wear With a Green Dress

Blue-Green Shoes to Wear With a Green Dress

The greenish-blue shades like teal, turquoise, and mint are cool, hence, do not require very vibrant or shouted green dress colors in their styling. Wondering what color shoes go with teal dresses? Think of beige, nude, and other slightly pink tones. Neon pink doesn’t fall in unless you want to create a bold statement. 

Teal is usually worn as a casual dress, hence commonly paired with laid-back sandals, flats, or sneakers. If you wish to dress it up for formal occasions, you should pair it with pumps and bold accessories to add life to the overall attire. White, subtle yellow, silver, black, or gold will look perfect. 

what colours go with green dress

What shoes go with a mint green dress? Think of neutral shoes – tan, black, navy, camel, or navy. You can also wear bolder options with your cool green dresses especially in summer, but be careful not to overwhelm the look.

What Color Shoes Go With Emerald Green Dress

What Color Shoes Go With Emerald Green Dress

There are mirror metallic silver shoes for emerald green dresses that can look like a match made in heaven. If you’re selecting shoes to wear with an emerald green dress, ensure that they aim to create a cohesive look without distracting the dress. 

The gown is a statement piece on its own and contrasting shoes would not be very ideal. Gold shoes, muted pink shoes, mustard yellow shoes, and clear heels are the best bet to wear with an emerald green dress.

Closing Notes: What Color Shoes Go With a Green Dress

Overall, a green dress can be paired with shoes that create a clear contrast for a bold aesthetic or toned down with pastels to harmonize the look subtly. Whichever one you choose should always compliment your personality and suit the setting you’re dressing for.

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