Ankara Headwraps

Ankara headwraps can be worn by everyone from babies to grannies and spread across tribes and regions – blacks to whites. Africans aren’t left to style this fashion piece as there are lots of ways you can recreate these stunning wears to suit your taste.

The Best fabric types for making headwraps are cotton and wool materials or even a blend. The idea is that the headwrap has to be made from lightweight material so it doesn’t feel like a burden to your head.

Silk headwraps are very fashionable and are currently dominating the trends in headgear. They are also the best option when it comes to hair care. But also, it’s important to have a cotton cap underneath as nylon and silk tend to easily fall off the head.

The cotton fabrics we present to you are (drumroll! 🥁) Ankara headwraps!

Why Ankara Headwraps?

African ladies especially in the Sub-Saharan African regions would strongly agree with me that cotton headwraps are best for protecting and keeping the hair cool during the hot weather. Silk and nylon headgears are somewhat protective but they can retain heat.

With this heat buildup, the hair can get very itchy quite fast.

And even if you’re not African or reside in the colder regions, you can also use these Ankara headwraps to keep your hair stylishly. Also, they offer a bit of warmth when there’s cold.

Artfully styled headgears are worn as traditional attire known as “Gele” by Yoruba women of Nigeria and as “Duku” by Ghanaian women.

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Asides from hair protection and style expression, there are other reasons why people wear Ankara headwraps. These include religious and cultural affiliations. Some Islam countries are very strict with putting on Turbans

Ankara Headwraps: Pictures

red blue yellow ankara headwrap
African ankara head wraps or african print scarfs

I almost went to Central Saint Martins for fashion design. I deferred for a year when I graduated high school so that I could go model and make some money and immerse myself in the fashion industry for a year.

Hunter Schafer
Ankara head wrap
Pre-Made Ankara Headwraps (Gele)

In India we are creating mainstream hip hop music, than what real rap music is. The lyrics aren’t that personal, since most of the music is catering to Bollywood. It’s just trivial. It’s a fashion here.

100% Cotton Ankara Wax Print.

We need to underline the need for Britain to depart from the European Union in an orderly fashion.

Giuseppe Conte
 print head wraps for women
African Ankara Headwraps collection

There has been a change in men’s attitudes toward their clothes. Men are more aware of fashion; they’re not afraid of it.

Calvin Klein
Ankara headwrap
headwrap collection

Fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. It’s important. But it’s not medicine.

Donatella Versace
African style headwrap
Ankara Head wrap

My mother used to dress me in quite good-taste clothes, and I really wanted things that were sparkly and spangly and trashy and nasty. I don’t know if I ever chose fashion; it was just there in me.

Phoebe Philo
ankara print wraps
African headwraps

I simply think that water is the image of time, and every New Year’s Eve, in somewhat pagan fashion, I try to find myself near water, preferably near a sea or an ocean, to watch the emergence of a new helping, a new cupful of time from it.

Joseph Brodsky
Ankara headband
Latest turban styles in Nigeria

Being in the world of fashion you have to be very self-absorbed, and you are surrounded by people who are very self-absorbed.

Carolyn Murphy
Latest turban cap Designs
 Pre tied Turban/Headwrap

Having a plan enabled us to keep our hope alive. Perhaps in a similar fashion, people who are in their own personal crises – a pink slip, a foreclosure – can be reminded that no matter how dire the circumstance, or how little time you have to deal with it, further action is always possible. There’s always a way out of even the tightest spot.

Chesley Sullenberger
African Head tie
Kente African Print Head Wrap

Fashion is something I’ve always been interested in… I used to watch the Oscars but paid no attention to the awards… It wasn’t until I started attending red carpet events and was flown out to Paris for my first show, and saw how much is put into it all, that I had this new appreciation for everything.

Hailee Steinfeld
African wax print fabric
Ankara Headwraps

I have my own style and don’t really follow fashion, but I like leggings. They’re easy to wear and can go with anything.

Eva Green
Ankara head wrap tutorial
Ankara headwraps for white girls

Leadership must be likeable, affable, cordial, and above all emotional. The fashion of authoritarian leadership is gone. Football is about life. You can’t be angry all day.

Vicente del Bosque
Different Turban styles For ladies
Ankara turban cap

I think fashion should be fun! I love adding color and sparkle!

Chrishell Stause
Ankara head wrap styles
How to tie Ankara scarf with pictures

My dining and entertainment philosophy – I can boil it down to ‘the three C’s – I like my food like my fashion: casual, classic, and with a touch of couture.

Katie Lee
African Print Head wraps Ankara Turban Headwrap Wax African
Yellow and Purple African Print Ankara Head wrap, Tie, scarf, Multicolor 100% Cotton DP3775. 100% Cotton

I love acting. I do it as a hobby. If I was able to have that as a career… Hopefully the fashion thing is a stepping-stone. I was so worried when I started modeling that it would hinder my chances of acting.

Cara Delevingne
Ankara Scarves
ankara head wrap

But you see, that’s the gilded prison of fashion. We’re riding in private jets, and meantime I was so incredibly, painfully sad and lonely.

Janice Dickinson
Cute & Easy Ankara Head Wrap Styles for Short Hair
Head Wrap Tutorial | Different Ankara Styles

I like the ritual, the liturgy of a well-crafted, emotional fashion show. I will never be jaded with this side of fashion. The catwalk is pure anthropology, something like an esoteric encrypted parade. It can totally be replaced but it will be missed.

Hedi Slimane
Easy Ankara head styles | African head styles
Ankara & turban Head Wrap

Recently partnered with Express Men as a brand ambassador, so my closet is full of the new fashion trends and styles that keep me fresh for games.

Stephen Curry
Africans wear Headwraps
 Ankara head wrap ideas

I don’t think I have a sense of fashion. But I do have an aesthetic, which I feel is an offshoot of me working in the design industry. For example, if I am mixing and matching prints on my sofas and cushion covers, I tend to do that with my wardrobe as well.

Twinkle Khanna
 Ankara & turban Head Wrap ideas

Chic Ways To Tie An Ankara Head Wrap

Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit.

George Santayana
 Best African Head Wraps

Inspiring Ankara Headwrap Styles

Without foundations, there can be no fashion.

Christian Dior

Shenbolen African Ankara Headwraps

Beautiful Ankara Headwrap Styles

It’s interesting, but because I have my own collection, I actually almost never purchase jewelry unless it’s sort of playful, whimsical pieces that are more fashion, a little less investment-oriented. Most of my personal jewelry collection is from my own collection. The pieces that get layered in tend to be gifts from my husband.

Ivanka Trump
Ankara headwraps

I love women’s fashion, but women don’t need me as much as men do. It’s the men who have nothing to wear.

Roberto Cavalli

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