Ankara Headwraps

Ankara headwraps can be worn by everyone from babies to grannies and spread across tribes and regions – blacks to whites. Africans aren’t left to style this fashion piece as there are lots of ways you can recreate these stunning wears to suit your taste.

The Best fabric types for making headwraps are cotton and wool materials or even a blend. The idea is that the headwrap has to be made from lightweight material so it doesn’t feel like a burden to your head.

Silk headwraps are very fashionable and are currently dominating the trends in headgear. They are also the best option when it comes to hair care. But also, it’s important to have a cotton cap underneath as nylon and silk tend to easily fall off the head.

The cotton fabrics we present to you are (drumroll! 🥁) Ankara headwraps!

Why Ankara Headwraps?

red blue yellow ankara headwrap

African ladies especially in the Sub-Saharan African regions would strongly agree with me that cotton headwraps are best for protecting and keeping the hair cool during the hot weather. Silk and nylon headgears are somewhat protective but they can retain heat.

With this heat buildup, the hair can get very itchy quite fast.

And even if you’re not African or reside in the colder regions, you can also use these Ankara headwraps to keep your hair stylishly. Also, they offer a bit of warmth when there’s cold.

Artfully styled headgears are worn as traditional attire known as “Gele” by Yoruba women of Nigeria and as “Duku” by Ghanaian women.

Asides from hair protection and style expression, there are other reasons why people wear Ankara headwraps. These include religious and cultural affiliations. Some Islam countries are very strict with putting on Turbans

Ankara Headwraps: Pictures

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