Igala Traditional Wedding Attire (60+ Pics)

Almost every marriage ceremony in the Igala kingdom features the bride and groom in beautifully coloured beautiful wedding attires. As you read through, you would get to see over 60 pics showing couples and their families who rocked gorgeous prints of Igala traditional wedding attires.

The Igala Kingdom in Nigeria

Igala (Igara) is majorly a Muslim tribe in Nigeria. Most of its natives reside along the junction between the Niger River and Benue Rivers. They also extend to reach the left bank of the Niger River below its junction with the Benue River. The language of the Igala people originated from Benue, Congo, and Niger. Their traditions sprung from the cultural heritage of the African people, one of which religion forms a central theme.

Being blessed with a rich and refined cultural background, the Igala people do not fail to flaunt their sleek traditional attire known as Igala Achi or Igala Ankara, which is a yellow and black striped material that has a similar texture to the Yoruba Aso Oke. In Kogi state, Igala is the majority ethnic group, which is why some persons regard Kogi state as the state of the Igala Kingdom.

Traditional Wedding Attire In Igala Kingdom

Igala traditional attire pictures

The Igala traditional attire is also known as Yellow ID, and from the color and radiance of the fabric, you would confirm that the attire is deserving of the name. The Yellow ID attire is commonly worn with the Igala Achi, which is the traditional Igala cap. Both the Yellow ID and Igala Achi are popular among the Igala natives in Kogi state.

A Kogi bride would normally wear a cream-colored, white, or black blouse or dress, then compliment the ensemble with Igala Achi headtie or gele and red coral beads. Some women prefer to wear long dresses or skirts that have yellow and black stripes typical of the Igala traditional attire. The men put on white, black or blue kaftans then complete the look with an Igala traditional cap.

According to the Igala marriage customs, after the marriage introductions, a background check on the prospective In-laws will be undertaken before the Igala wedding rites. Below are some of the outfits you can wear for all sessions of the Igala marriage rites.

Igala Traditional Wedding Attire For Couples

White Igala attire
Igala attire for males
Kogi wedding attire
Igala ankara
Igala stoned gele and cap
Igala fila
Igala autogele
Igala ipele
Igala achi
Igala classic stoned gele and sash
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Kogi couple in their igala traditional wedding attire
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Igala Bride Traditional Wedding Attire

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Igala Traditional Marriage Attire For The Groom

Igala tradition

Igala Traditional Attire

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