How To Pattern Kitenge Styles For Ladies (2024)

Kitenge Styles for Ladies – Kitenge or Vitenge or Chitenge is one of the most popular African print fabrics that are very common among Africans in diaspora.

The Kitenge fashion styles feature colorful designs and artistic patterns similar to Ankara fabric, which makes them the fashion staples at runways and red carpet events.

Some of the Kitenge fabrics in Kenya and Tanzania have Swahili words written on them to symbolize the traditional and historical impacts the wax fabric has in African communities.

Kitenge Styles For Ladies

Patterning Your Kitenge Fabrics

Among the best kitenge styles for ladies, you will find Kitenge skirt and blouse styles, which can either be short, long, printed or flare; Kitenge Straight Cut Short Gowns; Long Kitenge maxi dresses; Kitenge fashion short dresses featuring asymmetrical styles and sultry cut-outs; and Kitenge designs for long dresses in straight cut fashion.

Asides from the dress styles, you can also pattern your Kitenge styles for ladies into shorts and pair them with African wax blazers, stylish jumpsuits, and trousers that you can wear with any shirt or blouse of your choice.

Not only are the Latest Kitenge dress designs left for ladies to wear at formal and casual outings, but you can also use the Kitenge fabric material to sew matching styles with your significant other. Besides, a couple that slays together, stays together.

Over here are some of the best ways to take your kitenge fashion game up a notch.

1. Kitenge Jumpsuits:

Summer African Print Style Ideas for Females
Kitenge Styles For Ladies
 kitenge fashion
African fabric
Kitenge Jumpsuit
Kitenge Styles For Ladies
Modern kitenge styles to try

A modern and super-stylish way to step up your Kitenge game is to pattern them into jumpsuits. This African print is very practical and comfy to wear as a jumpsuit. You can try out the look with so many different Kitenge colors. If you want to step into an event and be the centre of attraction, you should add a fashionable twist when styling your Kitenge. To have a full grsasp of the moment, step into some classy high heels and wear a put-together gele or fedora hat.

2. Kitenge Maxi Dress Styles:

Kitenge free dresses
Kitenge Long Dress Designs & Styles That You Need to Try
Kitenge dresses and skirts
kitenge dress
Kitenge Styles For Ladies
Kitenge long dresses

Maxi dresses are simple, versatile, and can be considered the most comfortable Kitenge outfits. You can either pattern your maxi dress to be a floor-length pencil gown or a loose-fitting flared dress. Depending on how you love your maxi dresses, you can go creative with a thigh slit or opt for a style with thin shoulder straps or do both. You can wear this attire to formal parties, work events, family gatherings, or to a relaxation centre. Where you can wear your Kitenge maxi dress depends on how you pattern the outfit.

3. Kitenge Midi Dresses:

New Fashion Dresses for Ladies
Short kitenge dresses with gathers
kitenge dresses
kitenge designs

Sometimes, you may not want to wear a long or maxi dress and still not want to wear a short dress, but you are in a dress mood. This is when you should go for a Kitenge midi dress. There are many different cuts and styles that you can try out to add some sophisticated vibes to your look. When you don’t want to stick with just the Kitenge, you can pattern the fabric with other pieces like lace, sequence, velvet, or dashiki materials. You can also try out popular dress cuts like a halter style, and off the shoulder design, bell sleeves, butterfly sleeves, or v-necklines.

4. Kitenge Boubou Gown:

 Latest Kitenge Styles for Ladies
Kitenge Styles For Ladies

To make your Kitenge more interesting and fascinating to wear, try patterning the fabric into a bubu gown. This style is ideal for pregnant women that that want to look stylish without announcing their bumps. A common thing about bubu gowns is that you don’t need a lot of accessories when wearing them. A hoop earrings and statement bracelets, paired with strappy sandals are enough to amp up your dress. An alternative would be to wear your Kitenge bubu dress with a subtle necklace and stud earrings.

5. Knee-length Kitenge Dresses:

Kitenge Styles for ladies
Kitenge fashion pictures
kitenge dresses designs for ladies
Kitenge short dresses

Kitenge knee-length dresses are the hottest trends of Kitenge right now. They work well for various settings and as long as the style you pick matches your body shape, you are sure to look stunning in the attire. Pointy toe heels are the most common footwears to wear with knee-length dresses. Why? Considering that knee-length gowns are generally worn as an office outfit or in formal settings, heels look suitable for the setting. If you want a more comfy footwear, you can wear heels with a lesser lengths or flat shoes.

6. Kitenge Shorts:

Kitenge style ideas 
Kitenge Shorts
Kitenge Styles For Ladies
latest kitenge fashion styles
Kitenge coats
African Print Shorts For Ladies

7. Kitenge Trousers for Ladies:

Best kitenge designs ideas
Latest kitenge designs

8. Kitenge Mini Skirts:

Kitenge skirt and blouses
Mix and match skirt and blouse
High Waist Kitenge Skirts
Mini Skirts for Females
Printed Kitenge skirt and blouse

9. Kitenge Mini Dress:

Best Kitenge Fashion

10. Kitenge Mermaid Dress Style:

Women Kitenge Dresses
latest trendy fashion, beauty and accessory brands in Kenya

Kitenge Styles For Ladies: Pictures

Looking for Kitenge designs that you can incorporate into your wardrobe staples? Here are some fashion inspos that you may find helpful.

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Kitenge fashion short dresses
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Kitenge styles for ladies
Kitenge styles for ladies
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Latest Kitenge Dress Designs For Ladies Image
kitenge dresses and skirts

Kitenge material


Thanks for joining us to this moment. If you can’t access Kitenge fabrics, you can pattern your Ankara materials in the same way as the styles above. The both fabric pieces are similar and arguably replaceable with each other.

Image Credits: All images used were gotten from Instagram and there are no intended copyright infringements on the original owners.

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