Swazi Traditional Attire: What to Know About It (2024)

The Swazi traditional attire for men and women is colorful and unique. Swazis wear their traditional clothing occasionally for special occasions like weddings.

The modern-day clothing of the Swazis is decorated with assorted adornments to include the cultural spice of the tribe in the overall appeal. Generally, the Swati attire is heavily influenced by the country’s hot and humid climate, since their location is near the equator.

The Swazi tribe is also known as the Swati people are a Bantu ethnic group in a sovereign kingdom in Southern Africa. All the different cultures in South Africa including the Xhosa tribe, Ndelebe, Tsonga, and Zulu people among others, have unique ways of dressing that spot them from the rest.

How do You Wear Swati Attire?

The Traditional Swazi Attire is called Emahiya and this fabric is worn by both men and women. The colors and patterns of Swazi traditional attire are not the same in all regions of the country and they vary depending on where one resides.

The typical outfit for the women is a full-length wrapper worn over the shoulders and a pleated skirt worn underneath. For the men, the attire is a long-sleeved shirt, a long skirt, and a head wrap.

Shoes may not be worn because of the soil texture which is often quite dirty. Leather sandals are sometimes alternated for the shoes.

The Swazi tribe is well known for their rich cultural heritage which extends to their mode of dressing. Their beaded accessories, especially the necklaces are quite spectacular because of their stunning appeal.

The Swati wedding attire is a beautiful traditional attire for men and women. It includes a colourful cloth covered by a leather apron – ab emajobo, ties – Oumgaco, neckband – ligcebesha, and walking stick – sagibo.

Swazi Traditional Attire for Men

The Traditional Emahiya for men is tied across the shoulders and accompanied by fabrics tied on the waist as undergarments. A long, white robe called a “lihle” may be worn over a brightly colored skirt as part of the Swati men’s attire.

To wear the Patterned Swati fabric traditionally, it is wrapped around the man’s bare body and tied over the shoulder. Added to the material, a wooden spear and a feathered headband, or a headband made of leopard skin, is worn during special events.

Swazi Traditional Attire: Pictures

Below are pictures of traditional Swati attire for men and women to give you a perception of this African ethnic group that holds a deep value for their traditional garments.

Swazi Traditional Attire: What to Know About it
Beautiful Swati Ladies In Red Emahiya Traditional Attire
The traditional attire of the Swazi people includes multiple combinations of tied cloths, skirts, loincloths and accessories
Traditional Dresses - Ethnic Dresses
traditional attire in the Swazi culture.
Swazi Woman in Traditional Attire
African Traditional dress: Eswatini
Swazi male regiments at a Swazi traditional wedding
Yellow Swaziland clothing
Swati traditional attire for woman consists of a brightly-coloured dress called a “bodice,” which is worn over a white blouse .
Swati Traditional Attire For Woman
Women in traditional clothing during dance performance, Swazi cultural village, Lobamba,
Modern Traditonal Royal Blue Swazi Dress
Mbabane, Eswatini (Swaziland)
Modern Swazi Traditional Dresses
Swaziland traditional Images
How to wear African Swazi female traditional costume
Women Style Dress With Swati Fabric

Swati Attire For Women
Traditional Swaziland women singing and dancing with traditional attire
Traditional Swazi attire fabric. Umhelwane. Lihiya.
The Swazi Emahiya Traditional One Shoulder Dress
Traditional Wedding Styles In Swaziland
Swazi tribe
Swati Off-Shoulder Pleated Dress
Swazi women, their traditional attire consists of an ilihhiya (cloth)
Traditional Attire - Swazi Lifestyle
Swazi traditional attire (amahiya)
How to Wear Swazi Traditional Attire
Swazis traditional or modern-day clothing for special events.
Amahiya/Swazi Attire
Traditional Wedding Attire
 Swazi attire ideas
Best swazi traditional attire ideas
Amahiya/Swazi Attire
Ludzidzini, Swaziland - Swazi married woman in traditional attire.
beautiful Swati traditional attire for men and women
Swazi Married Woman In Traditional Attire
swazi traditional attire
Swati attire pictures
swazi female attire
swazi dress designs
Lovely patterned Emahiya traditional clothes
Swazi attire
Traditional Swazi Attire For women
Swazi women's traditional clothing

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