Astonishing Sudanese Toub for Women 2024: Laffaya

The dress for married women in Sudan is known as a Toub. The clothing is worn over other clothes. The Sudanese Toub for Women can be in different colors and forms depending on the particular tribe. The fabric from which it is manufactured also varies among tribes and ethnic groups.

Thawb, Thobe, Toob, or Toub are other names for the traditional outfit of Sudanese women similar to a robe, kaftan, or tunic. The clothing is used to show the societal status, tribe, and gender of people in the country.

Women have several of these attires that they use as loungewear, outwear, and for special occasions. It is considered appropriate for girls to wear their first thawb at the age of 12.

Just like in most Arab countries and some countries in East and West Africa, women cover all their bodies leaving only their palms, feet, and face exposed. This is because of the precepts of the Islamic tradition. A shawl is sometimes worn over the dress.

Sudanese Clothes

The Traditional Wedding Style in South Sudan is a loose-fitting long dress that covers most of the body, hence, protecting it from the region’s climatic features. These attires and robes are usually made of light airy fabrics.

The traditional dressing style for weddings in the Northeastern African country is appropriate not only for the weather conditions but also to provide comfort and beauty to the wearer.

The traditional outfit of men in Sudan is called “jellabiya” which is a long, loose-fitting ankle-length collarless robe with long sleeves. The robe may be white, brown, or pastel-colored. A headdress which may be a skullcap or a turban, and shoes or sandals are also worn.

The jellabiya is the traditional garment of Egyptians that took its origin in the Nile Valley in Egypt. The garment is now worn in almost all the Northeastern countries in Africa.

The turban worn by South Sudanese people is exceptionally long when compared to other groups that wear it.

The traditional Sudanese shoe is referred to as the Marquinhos, often made from leather or crocodile skin, both of which are abundant in the Nile region.

Both men and women wear the jellabiya in white, especially in summer. Wearing the attire with a turban is in emulation of the dressing of prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

The difference between a jellabiya and a thobe is in the wider cut and sleeves of the thobe.

Sudanese Toub for Women: Pictures

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Sudanese Toub for Women
Sudanese Toub for Women

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