Brazen Angola Samakaka Print Fabric Styles (2024)

The authentic prints of the Samakaka Print Fabric Styles found their origin in Angola, Africa. Its vivid prints and bright colors give an insight into the fun statement of the country’s clothing.

The original Samakaka or Samacaca fabric has a unique thickness when felt and it usually takes long before this quality disappears.

Not only in Angola are the Samakaka prints a definition of the African Style. The fabric is also used all across Africa and even on other continents.

Really, the Samakaka prints are the cutest of the Afro fashion print fabrics and this is majorly because of the stunning prints and patterns used to adorn the fabric.

It’s not just the color palettes or the geometrical designs but also the versatility to which the dress styles can be put into.

Samakaka Print african-women

The different color combinations of Angola’s Samakaka print include:

  1. Red, white, yellow, and black
  2. The classical black and white combo
  3. Pink, white, yellow, and blue
  4. Blue, white, yellow, and black
  5. Red, blue, green, white, and black
  6. Brown, yellow, white, and black

The most common color combinations are the Red, white, yellow, and black combo. We’ve pictured some of the most alluring Samakaka Print Fabric Styles that you should really consider styling this season.

Samakaka Print Fabric Styles: Pictures

Yellow dress samakaka print
Samakaka Angola wax short skirt
Samakaka Fabric Ankara Styles
Red Samakaka Print Sleeveless Dress – Round Neckline
Samakaka by Banga Society
 Samakaka African Print Fabric
Yellow dress samakaka print
Kakaya Angolan Samakaka print bandeau dress
Samakaka Print Fabric Styles
Angolan Samakaka Print Off-Shoulder Flare Dress
African pattern wax design Kizomba Samakaka Ankara print Angola Sleeveless Top
Samakaka-inspired patterns
Angolan Samakaka Print - African Ankara Fabric
 traditional print tribal print
African Wax Print amazwe angola ankara autumn cotton dandy modern print
Samakaka Print Kaftan

African motif Wax print Ethnic Ankara fabric Angola Samakaka
Samakaka Print Fabric
Samakaka Angola
Samakaka Print Fabric
Samakaka fabric history
Samakaka Dress
Samakaka shirt
 6 yards Samakaka Print
Samakaka Ankara Wax Print- Blue and Yellow
White, pink, blue and black are the colors of the African Samakaka wax print fabric
African Print Fabric/ Ankara - Blue, Red, Yellow 'Samakaka Pb' Design
African RED SAMAKAKA ANGOLA Wax print fabric / cloth
African Samakaka wax print fabric
African Wax Print Fabric: Red SAMAKAKA fabric. ANGOLAN traditional Samacaca pattern
ANGOLAN print Samacaca Wax print fabric
Samakaka ideas | african fashion, african clothing, african print
Kids T-shirt in Yellow with Samakaka print.
Samakaka shirt
Samakaka history
African Red SAMAKAKA fabric
Samakaka print fabrics
Samakaka Print Fabric Styles
Samakaka Samacaca Angola Red Yellow Black White Skirt with Half Croptop
African Green SAMAKAKA Fabric
African Prints clothing

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