15 Comfortable Alternatives To a Bikini For The Beach

Alternatives To a Bikini: Wondering what to wear to the beach as a bikini alternative? Yes, Bikinis are the most common beach outfit ideas for women, however, not everyone feels confident in bikini sets.

You might love the bikini sets on other people but feel too shy to wear the bottoms freely. Well, get comfortable as I’m about to show you some of the hottest alternatives to a bikini for the beach that will leave you looking swoon-worthy.

Comfortable Alternatives To a Bikini For The Beach

Bikini alternatives that you can still slay in and elevate your swimwear from flips and flops to awesomely chic and peng

1. One Piece Swim Suit

Bikini alternatives

The one-piece swimsuit also known as monokini or bodysuit is one of the alternatives to a bikini that is both modest and stylish. It isn’t just for kids as there are classic and lovely styles for women who want to look ravishing.

This women’s bikini alternative is perfect if you intend to swim at the beach or don’t want to get tanned or sunburnt when under the sun.

They are perfect bathing suit alternatives for plus-size ladies and perhaps the most popular alternative to a bikini. There are also long sleeve swimsuits that can help protect your arm skin.

2. Swim Pants

bikini alternative

Not ready for a shave or don’t want to show off your legs, go for ankle-length swim pants. They offer the most coverage than any other bikini alternatives we’ve mentioned here.

3. Skin Suits

Alternatives To a Bikini

Athletes and Surfers don’t go for this bikini alternative for no reason. The surfing community knows that it is a fun way to swim in the most comfortable outfit. That’s why they wear it every time, every season for their sports.

4. Boardshorts

Bikini alternatives

Boardshorts are not just meant for the men folks, you can step into colorful boardshorts and make swimming memorable. You can wear your shorts with a bikini bra to the beach. Other outfit ideas for pairing with the boardshorts are crop tops, bralettes, and bandeau tops.

5. Leggings

bikini alternative

Scared of skin cancer? Pair your leggings with a nice swim shirt or sports bra. Leggings are a summer casual outfit which makes a plus as they are also very versatile.

6. Swimdress

Alternatives To a Bikini

The best beach alternative you can wear to the beach is a dress and what other kind of dress if not the beach dress? Swimdresses are adorable.

They fit all body forms and sizes and are definitely one of the top picks if you don’t know what to wear to the beach as a bikini alternative.

7. Korean Swimwear

Alternatives To a Bikini

Going for stylish mode while flattering your legs? Wear Korean swimwear with a beach straw hat.

Korean swimwear is a fun and lady-like swimsuit alternative with several options, ranging from sporty to vintage-style and girly statements.

8. Short Swim Skirt

Alternatives To a Bikini

Another cute beach outfit and a pair of sunglasses for a fun day out are the swim skirts. These bathing suits are perfect bikini alternatives that will make you feel and look good ยท

9. Romper

bikini alternative

If you don’t want to swim and also can’t find what can you wear to the beach instead of bikini sets, go for rompers.

Print Rompers including floral print rompers or solid color rompers are attractive beach clothes for women whenever you need what to wear to the beach as a bikini alternative.

10. Tankini

Bikini alternatives

Still looking for what to wear as a bikini alternative, opt for a tankini. Tankinis offer support and coverage around the chest and tummy areas for plus-sized women.

This particular swimwear used to be a very popular choice than a bikini and was made available in different styles like halters and spaghetti straps.

11. Burqini


A burqini is a modest swimwear and can be worn around the beach comfortably. Most women wear the burqini for religious purposes while others wear it to protect their skin.

12. Long Swimdress

Long Swimdress

Have the time of your life this summer while protecting your skin with a long dress

13. Long Swimskirt

Long Swimskirt

The fun part about this beachwear is that you can use it as an athleisure outfit for sports like running, jogging, or hiking

14. Swimshirt


If you have fair skin and your skin is prone to burning, you may want to try on a swim shirt paired with swim pants, board shorts, or any comfortable undergarment.

15. Rashguard


With the summer vibes everywhere, there’s no boundaries to fun activities at the beach when you’re properly set in the perfect rashguard

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