Beautiful Arewa Fashion Design For Couples

The Hausas are well-cultured African people and this is well reflected in the Arewa fashion design for couples. Not only do they keep their marital unions sacred, but they also make them memorable with their native outfits.

Who Are The Arewas?

Arewa is an Hausa word which translates to “The North”. In Nigeria, Arewa is contracted from “Arewacin Nijeriya“, meaning Northern Nigeria. After Nigeria gained her independence in 1960, the term was used generally to refer to the Nigerian┬áHausaland. Overall, most of the states in Nigeria’s Northern region are called Arewa states and although the region is made up of different ethnic groups, they constitute marriage in the form of Arewa weddings. Why? Because the Hausa and Fulanis are the major populace in those areas. The seven Hausa states and the Sokoto Caliphate are the major groups that form the Arewa people.

Arewa Weddings

Considering that the Arewa or Northern regions have the Hausas and Fulanis as their majority, you can expect the Arewa wedding attires to be similar if not the same as those from these tribes. In the Arewa culture, polygamy is the major form of marriage practised, however, the families live in unity and ensure the continuity and expansion of their lineage.

Arguably, the Fulanis have the prettiest girls in Nigeria, but regardless, the Arewa fashion designs for couples are modest, yet fascinating. This can be linked to the people’s religion, which is predominantly Islamic, their cultures, and traditions.

What Are The Traditional Clothing of the Arewas?

Arewa Fashion designs are the native wear of the Hausa people. There are numerous styles of these outfits and you would get to live them as you scroll through.

Arewa Fashion Design For Couples: Pictures

Over here, we pictured 30 amazing styles that you can rock n’ slay when attending Owambe ceremonies, birthdays, and anniversaries amongst many others. Better still, you can wear these styles for your prewedding shoots as intended couples.

Arewa Fashion Design For Couples
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Arewa Fashion Design For Couples
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Arewa Fashion Design For Couples
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Arewa Fashion Design For Couples
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