Colorful Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles (2024)

Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles are stamped or imprinted patterns on thick high-quality cotton fabrics. In Shona, Kudhinda means to press, stamp or imprint. The textiles are usually distinct and carefully hand-printed using potato prints, screen prints, block prints, rubber blocks, and hand paintings.

They can be styled in traditional African colors or with animal prints in orange and blue colors, blue-green, monotone brown, classic rainbow color hollow pattern, and classic rainbow color elephant prints, amongst others.

The Zimbabwe cotton textiles are used for making crafts and upholstery including tablecloths, shopping bags, purses, shoes, shirts, wall hangings, pillows, cushion covers, organic t-shirts, and lamp shades.

The Different Kinds of Kudhinda Prints and Patterns

Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles

The Zimbabwean Kudhinda Fabrics are a great representation of the shades, colors, patterns, and strengths of Southern African design. Contrasting patterns which can be made with Kudhinda are


  1. Elephant and Headrest Blue Steel
  2. Elephant Blue Steel
  3. Diki Elephant Blue Steel
  4. Guinea Fowl Blue Steel
  5. Diki Guinea Fowl Blue Steel
  6. African Ark Blue Steel
  7. Large Zig Zag Blue Steel
  8. Small Zig Zag Blue Steel
  9. Margie Stripe Blue Steel
  10. Ndoro Stripe Blue Steel
  11. Kudhinda Adventures Blue Steel


  1. Elephant and Headrest Ghana Blue
  2. Elephant Ghana Blue
  3. Diki Elephant Ghana Blue
  4. Guinea Fowl Ghana Blue
  5. African Ark Ghana Blue
  6. Large Zig Zag Ghana Blue
  7. Small Zig Zag Ghana Blue
  8. Margie Stripe Ghana Blue
  9. Ndoro Stripe Ghana Blue
  10. Diki Guinea Fowl Ghana Blue
  11. Kudhinda Adventures Ghana Blue


  1. Elephant and Headrest Natural
  2. Elephant Natural
  3. Diki Elephant Natural
  4. Guinea Fowl Natural
  5. Diki Guinea Fowl Natural
  6. African Ark Natural
  7. Large Zig Zag Natural
  8. Small Zig Zag Natural
  9. Kudhinda Adventures Natural

Pictures of the Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles

Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles
Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles

Kudhinda hand screen printed cotton

Kudhinda Potato Print Wallhangings

Kudhinda Fabrics

Flower pattern drawing, Prints

Kudhinda Fabric
 Zimbabwe - Kudhinda Shop

Canvas Casual Wear Kudhinda Design

Kudhinda Orange Zig Zag
Kudhinda Fabrics imported
african patterns

Kudhinda Zambezi Elephant Potato Print
shona cultural zimbabwe patterns

Charara Elephant – Kudhinda
traditional zimbabwe art

printed cotton fabrics from Zimbabwe

Kudhinda Zimbabwe Screen Prints

Kudhinda range

Kudhinda Fabrics

Kudhinda Zimbabwe Screen Prints Ndoro
zimbabwe fabric patterns

Kudhinda Fabrics - Screen Printing
cultural zimbabwe patterns

Kudhinda Cushion Cover 55x55cm
zimbabwe traditional clothing

Kudhinda Cushion Cover 40x40cm
cultural zimbabwe patterns
traditional zimbabwe patterns
Ghana Blue Ndoro

Kudhinda – A Design Project From Africa
Fabric by Meter

Kudhinda Zimbabwe Screen Prints Zig Zag
Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles
Okavango Elephant

Kudhinda Ghana Blue Magi Stripe

Okavango Elephant – Kudhinda
Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles

Okavango Elephant – Kudhinda

Kudhinda Ghana red Magi Stripe
Zimbabwe Kudhinda Textiles

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