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Tsonga Traditional Attire – The Tsonga or Shangaan people of South Africa are sometimes considered an offshoot of the Zulu tribe that inhabit the southern parts of Mozambique and the Northern provinces of South Africa.

The Tsonga-Shangaan traditional attire for the Tsonga men is clothing made from animal skins, while the women wear colourful gathered skirts called xibelani and put on beads to adorn their fit. This ensemble, they shake around when they dance.

Asides from the traditional xibelani, there are modern Tsonga traditional dresses that couples, brides, and bridesmaids can wear to look their best for a memorable wedding day.

In South Africa, there is an increasing trend towards the use of traditional attire as against conventional white wedding dresses. Not that the latter dresses have been effectively removed from the region, but more efforts are put into ensuring that the people fully embrace their cultural heritage so it doesn’t go extinct.

What are Tsonga Traditional Clothes?

Some of the very common Tsonga traditional attires are made from a mix of traditional fabrics in contemporary styles. The major prints used for this are the Xitsonga xibelani, Miceka, and Motjeka. These modern designs are in bright green, pink, yellow, blue, and purple shades.

The Tsonga traditional attire for women consists of a doek, a belt worn across the abdomen known as “nkhamu”, a traditional shirt called “yele”, neck jewelry – “vuhlalu”, and the ti queeni.

For the Tsonga men, when animal skin clothing is not readily available, they wear a brightly coloured robe, ostrich feathers for the headdress, and a sash around their waist to hold up the main clothing.

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This article highlights some of the interesting looks of African attires that you match with unique beadwork and fabulously festive headwear to create a unique fashion style.

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Tsonga Traditional Attire
Tsonga Traditional Attire
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Tsonga Traditional Attire
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Tsonga Traditional Attire
Tsonga traditional attire xibelani
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Tsonga traditional attire for females
Tsonga traditional attire for women
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