New Punjabi Suits For Women (2024)

Punjabi suits are clothing worn by the people of ancient Punjab. The outfit is typically made from cotton and worn by both men and women. Modern forms of the Punjabi suits for women still retain the knee-length top, while the dhoti is sometimes replaced with other types of pants (especially denim).

Traditional Punjabi suits include a knee-length top, a scarf, and a dhoti. The scarf called chunni or duppatta is usually large and rectangular. It drapes over the left shoulder and passes under the right. Alternatively, it can be worn around the neck. Another large woolen shawl with floral motifs and embroidery is draped over one shoulder and allowed to hang loosely to the knees. 

New Punjabi Suit Design

Punjabi suits for women replaced the Punjabi ghagra as the traditional clothing for females. Now, women that still wear the ghagra are majorly from Haryana, rural regions of South Western Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. The Punjabi ghagra is also worn during Giddha performances in East Punjab.  

Part of why the Punjabi suit design is common in the Punjab region is attributed to the boom of the cotton industry during the 19th and 20th centuries in the region. With the increased production of cotton fabrics, there was also an increase in the different styles, patterns, and designs of Punjabi clothing being produced. 

Punjabi Kurta

Punjabi Suit Design

In Bangladesh, West Bengal, and Asaam, the traditional kurta is known as a panjabi. It is a knee-length straight-cut top, that widens as it falls to the knee. It also has side slits. 

The Muktsar people of Punjab wear a regional kurta known as Mukatsari Kurta. This is a modern version of the traditional kurta and is more common among young politicians. It has a slim and straight cut fit, and strategically placed designs.

Similar to the Punjabi Kurta is the Kurti. The kurti is shorter than a kurta. It doesn’t have side slits and is made of cotton. Both kurti and kurta can be worn interchangeably in a Nyra cut suit. Women usually wear a kurti with a suthan or ghagra

Punjabi Tamba

New Punjabi Suit Design

A dhoti is a loose-fitting bottom-wear that hangs from the waist, flows freely down the legs, and is fastened just above the ankle. Two varieties of dhoti are worn by the Punjabi people. One is known as tehmat/tamba, which forms part of the traditional Punjabi drresss for men. It is of one color and doesn’t have a border. The second is the laacha which has a border in another color from the main length of the dhoti.

Punjabi Juti(Jutti)

The footwear worn with the Punjabi clothing is known as the Punjabi Jutti. It has different designs similar to the Patiala, the pointy toe Pothohari shoes, and the round tipped Derawali shoes. Tyhese traditional shoes are handcrafted by the Punjabis and there are no differences between the left and right. The shoes that complement the Punjabi suits for women are the Juttis with extensive embellishments and rich embroidery designs.

Punjabi Accessories

Punjabi Suits For Women

Punjabi suits are accessorized with traditional ornaments and worn for Punjabi festivals, wedding, ceremonies, religious functions, and local events. Gold accessories make up a larger part of the punjabi accessories. Earrings, necklaces, anklets, bangles, nose rings, knuckle rings, toe rings, among other decorative pieces. 

A crucial part of the women’s wear is the kadhas. It is a traditional steel bangle and is a significant religious piece. You can identify a Sikh woman with her kadha bangle.

Pictures of Punjabi Suits For Women

Now we’ve explained the traditional dresses of the Punjabi ladies, let us explore some pictures of these clothing.

Punjabi Suits For Women
Punjabi Suit Design Latest images
Punjabi Suit Salwar
Punjabi Suit Design for girls
Punjabi Suit Design party wear
Punjabi Suit Design simple
Punjabi Suit Design this year party wear
Punjabi Suit Design for girl child
Punjabi Suit Design for wedding
Punjabi Suit Design with laces
Punjabi Suit Design cotton
Punjabi Suit Designs
Punjabi Suit
Punjabi Suits for women
Punjabi Suit Design
Punjabi Suit Sharara
Punjabi Suits neck design
Punjabi Suit near me
Punjabi Suit California
Punjabi Suit boutique
Punjabi Suit Design this year
Punjabi Suit for older women
Punjabi Suits For girls
Punjabi Suits For Wedding
Punjabi Suit cutting
Punjabi Suit purple
Punjabi Suits for mehndi function
Punjabi Suits for ladies
Punjabi Suits for girl child
Punjabi Suits for mother of the bride
Punjabi Suits for older ladies
Punjabi Suits for mehndi function
Punjabi Suit cutting
White Punjabi Suit
Black Punjabi Suit
Punjabi Suit Design
Punjabi Suit Design
Punjabi Suits For Women
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New Suit Design
Trending Suit Design
New Suit Design
Punjabi Suit Design for older women

We’ve come to the end of these article. Let us know in the comments section. How do you wear your Punjabi suits?

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