Anarkali Suits For Women: Salwar Kameez (30+ Pictures)

Anarkali suits for women are Indian ethnic dresses that you can wear to look stunning without making an effort. They are made from lightweight fabric, which makes them perfect for summer and hot seasons. With a few accessories and jewelry pieces, you can amp up the royal touch that the dress has in it.

Anarkali was formed from two Hindi words – Anar and Kal; ‘Anar’ means darkness while ‘Kal’ refers to light. Anarkali implies a lady that lives in darkness but has a light inside of her. Anarkali dress is a type of Salwar Kameez dress and can be considered a kimono or frock suit for women. Most of the long gowns extend from the neck to the ankles

Anarkali dress design is a two-piece outfit made of a long frock-style top and a long skirt or a slim fitted bottom. The top can be interchanged with a t-shirt, a crop top or a regular top With a few accessories like a potli handbag, heels, a dupatta, and a kada, you can wear this fit to work, a party, or a wedding.

There are a variety of cuts, lengths, and designs that the Anarkali suits come in. They are also made from fabrics like brocade, velvet, chiffon, and satin. Most of the suits have wide sleeves and a Mandarin-style collar or a high neckline. The dress is fastened with a belt or a sarong.

A Historical Overview of Anarkali Suits for Women

Anarkali suits originated during the Mughal era. It was named after the courtesan of the Mughal Empire, Anarkali. These dresses may be floor-length or mid-length and are patterned with intricate designs and vibrant colors. They have fast become a fashion trend, and new trends continue evolving each day.

Anarkali styles are particularly popular in Northern India due to its historical significance in the region. There is a wide range of possibilities that you can create with Anarkali dresses. You can even wear unique looks with accessories like dupattas and jewelry.

The Mughal-inspired designs of Anarkali dresses are infused with traditional Indian elements. Because of the awe-inspiring patterns shown through the ethnic and traditional designs on these dresses, they are adored by women. 

Part of the reason why Anarkali suits gained popularity online is because they are a stylish alternative to sarees and lehenga cholis. Most women turn to these dresses as an elegant choice for special occasions. 

Styling the Different Varieties of Anarkali Dresses

Styling Anarkali suits involves blending various designs, fabrics, and accessories to create a perfect form of art. The versatility of Anarkali wears comes from the endless creative combinations that you can make with accessories. Short knee-length and long floor-length dress lengths are the common options available. The A-line cuts and flowy flares of Anarkali gowns complement the different body types, hence, providing a slim and elegant appearance.

If you’re looking for suits for Indian women that perfectly balance ancient ethnic charm with modern fashion sensibilities, then you should try out the diverse range of colors and designs of these Anarkali dresses.

Over here, we have a captivating collection of Anarkali dresses that you can take fashion inspos from.

Pictures of Anarkali Suits For Women

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