Oshiwambo Cultural Attire of the Nambians

The cultural heritage of the Oshiwanbo-speaking tribe is solidly cemented among the African roots. The Oshiwambo Cultural Attires are some of the ways the people identify with themselves.

Oshiwanbo is also known as Owambo traditional outfits. These fabrics are brightly coloured in pink, red, black and white which makes them visually appealing and attractive.

The Namibia Oshiwanbo can be used to pattern other fashionable apparel asides from making dress designs. These styles extend to include making, Beddings, Male Traditional Apparel, Children Garments, School Uniforms, Alteration Tailoring Services and Mending, Curtains, Duvets, and Drapes amongst others.

Some of the Oshiwanbo people are Bantu people who migrated from West Africa to South Africa. Others remained with the Namibians and formed a greater part of the country.

Currently, the Oshiwanbo-speaking tribe is one of the largest tribes in Namibia. The people of the Oshikwanyama clan refer to themselves as ‘Aakwaanime’ or ‘Aakwangoshi’ which translates to ‘lions’ or ‘of the lions’ in English.

Below are some pictures of the Oshiwanbo dress designs that you should really see if you can’t make it to tour the region. And if you can, the pictures would serve as a form of inspiration to get ready for your travel.

Pictures Of The Namibians’ Oshiwambo Cultural Attire

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Oshiwambo Cultural Attire
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Oshiwambo traditional dresses design
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The pre-colonial costumes of the Aawambo significant changes
The oshiwanbo cultural attire is customarily worn at wedding events; the cultural print powers up the gathering of family members.

Oshiwambo traditional dresses design
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The oshiwanbo cultural attire is customarily worn at wedding events; the cultural print powers up the gathering of family members.
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Oshiwambo Cultural Attire of the Nambians
Oshiwambo Cultural Attire

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