50+ Lehenga Choli Sets for Women (2024)

The difference between lehenga and choli lies in their fit. While lehenga choli sets for women consists of three pieces of clothing including the lehenga, choli, and dupatta. They don’t mean the same thing. The lehenga is a long skirt that flares from the waist to the ankle. The upper part of the skirt usually starts just below the navel. A choli is a cropped top or blouse that stops immediately below the bust or just above the navel.

The third piece of clothing is the dupatta which is a scarf used to cover the upper part of the body. It is worn with a range of other Indian clothes including the Sharara and Gharara. The dupatta is considered a symbol of modesty across regions in South Asia. Regardless of modernization, the dupatta remains significant in Asian wear, however, many now wear it as a decorative accessory and not as symbolic clothing.

Unique Lehenga Colors In Trend This Wedding Season

Lehenga choli is the more popular and modern term for the set as the lehengas and cholis are often worn together. In South Asia, the term is widely accepted by contemporary fashion designers and boutiques, and both can be considered synonymous with each other.

Relatedly, both clothing are patterned with attractive embroidery which makes them an interesting fit as a party wear, for weddings, among many other interesting possibilities.

Lehenga Designs For Women

Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehenga - Indo western & Silk

A lehenga, lehnga, or langa can also be called a ghagra or gagra, chaniya, pavadai, or lacha. This ankle-length skirt is commonly worn by Indian women as a traditional wedding outfit. Diverse traditional embroidery patterns and styles are used to decorate the skirt to make it suitable for the occasion.

Although the lehengas are a traditional outfit for Indian brides. They can also be worn as wedding guest outfits for girls, and every woman in the bride’s kin and family.

What is special about lehenga is its ability to serve as a multi-purpose attire. They can be worn for weddings, festivals, and family functions. The Lehenga choli is suitable for all body types and can be varied to match your style and preference.

The hem of the lehenga reaches the ankle and sometimes touches the floor. But, for your dress to last longer and to prevent damaging the linings of your lehenga, you should choose one in a shorter length or pair it with heeled sandals or shoes.

How to wear saree in choli style?

The lehenga is not just an ordinary skirt. When draped in a saree style, it is pleated at the front like a saree, but most commonly it is left to flow freely like a regular flared skirt. Sometimes it may be sewn to a choli and dupatta as a one-piece saree gown.

The most convenient top to wear with a lehenga is the choli. However, you can always switch the blouse with a monochrome crop top. In this pairing, you might also want to leave out heavily embroidered or embellished designer lehenga skirts, as they easily steal the show from your blouse.

What is the difference between a lehenga and a lehenga saree?

A saree consists of a stitched cloth draped around the waist, whereas Lehenga is unstitched and made up of a top cloth called the choli and a bottom wear known as a Lehenga. Sarees are widespread and worn all over India, however, Lehengas are worn in some parts of the country.

What is the difference between lehenga and gharara?

Both the lehenga and gharara are flared clothes, but, the lehenga flares from the waist downwards, while the gharara is fitted from the waist to the knee, then has a little ruching at the knee from which it flares to the ankle.

What is a Choli in a Lehenga?

Which Colour of lehenga is in trend?

The choli or cholee is a small blouse that often exposes one’s midriff, it may be short-sleeved or long-sleeved and is commonly worn by Hindu women in India. A combination of the gagra or lehenga which is the long flared skirt and the choli – the cropped blouse makes up the Lehenga choli sets for women. The traditional attire of Gujarati women is known as a Ghagra Choli or Chaniya Choli. They wear it with an Odhni which is also the dupatta or chunni.

To get your blouse on the statement-making side, opt for short, or embroidered designer sleeves. A V-neck or sweetheart neckline can step up the allure of your fit. For your outfit to become more attractive, wear your choli and lehenga with long silver necklaces.

Practical Tips for Wearing a Lehenga Choli Set for Women

Lehenga choli sets for women look great for everyone and can be worn by all body shapes and types.

How to not look fat in lehenga?

There is a misconception that chubby girls can’t wear lehenga. That isn’t true as there are traditional lehenga designs for plus-size women. As long as you dance as an Indian bride, you are free to wear your lehenga on your wedding day.

The type of lehenga that is best for fat ladies is usually the one made from Georgette, chiffon, and net fabrics. It is also ideal to opt for darker tones, and small prints against larger ones, and avoid excessive embroidery. Black, maroon, velvet, wine, and deep red lehenga are colors you should try. White, sky blue, and a yellow lehenga has the opposite effect.

To hide your belly fat when wearing a lehenga choli, you should try out the double dupatta style. Here, you choose two dupattas in light colors and minimal embroidery, then strap them across each shoulder. That way, you don’t have to reveal your belly at all or struggle to tug your dupatta on each side.

lehenga choli

Brides wear shapewear under their lehenga. It helps give support and added shape to their body. A saree shapewear is entirely fine to wear with a lehenga. You can wear a bra with a choli for a comfortable fit. Bras with detachable straps are your best bet. You can structure them the way you want so you don’t look frumpy in your choli. If you alter the straps at the back, it would help prevent the straps from being visible at the sides. Bralettes can also come in handy as the perfect underwear to wear with your choli.

To look classy in lehenga, make it an Anarkali, then switch the choli with a Shirt or long-sleeved blouse. You can keep the original dupatta or switch it with one with lesser embroidery. Wearing your lehengas for women with jackets can help provide more coverage in your ensemble.

If you’ve ever thought of looking simple in a lehenga, all you need to do is first choose a printed lehenga in a convenient skirt length. Add a cute blouse in a color you love over it and a jacket for extra coverage. Drape your outfit with a dupatta and accessorize with dainty jewelry.

tips to flaunt simple lehenga designs for women

The colors of lehenga that are in trend are the reds. Wedding lehengas in India are known to be graced with reds be it maroon, light, or dark red. These red lehenga designs may be worn plain or paired with green or orange. Subtle bridal lehenga colors such as baby pink, blue, and beige have continued to emerge over the years. However, they haven’t completely butted out the Reds.

What makes a lehenga bridal is the intricate embroidery and embellishments used to adorn it. An Embroidered Lehenga Choli with designs such as zari, gota, and dabka is the ideal fit for bridal lehengas

Pictures of Lehenga Choli Sets for Women

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