50 Esan Traditional Wedding Attires

Esan people are the major tribe inhabiting Edo state. Esan is one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria known for its robust cultural and traditional beliefs. They have a positive outlook on life and try to display their cultures in their routine living; the Esan traditional wedding attire is inclusive.

They have a high taste for fashion and accessorised outfits and love to organise festivals and holidays where they get to express themselves even better. There are strict rules which determine the life and behaviour of the Esan people, but with the globalization processes and Westernisation, there have been hitches to this.

Amidst the setbacks of modern society to their traditions, a lot of aspects of the Esan culture have been able to retain their originality and preserve the homogenous characters of their population. One of which is the Esan marriage customs. Want to know more about the Esan traditional marriage? Continue to read through!

What Is The Full Meaning Of Esan?

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Esan (Esan: Otọesan) means people of South-South Nigeria also known as Esanland.

Is Esan part of Edo?

Esan male traditional attire

The Esan people, Eshan, or Ishan people (Esan: Ẹbhọ Esan) are an ethnic group in Southwestern Nigeria whose homeland is the Edo state. Esanland is what is now known as the Edo Central Senatorial District.

With the close relationship between the Esan people and Edo State, many wonder – What is the difference between Esan and Edo people? So here you have it.

Edo State is a large and diversified state constituted of the Edoid peoples. These Edoid people are from the Edo or Bini, Esan, Owan and Afemai tribes. The common attribute of all Edoid tribes is that they speak the same language – the Edo language; most especially in the state’s capital – Benin City.

From this, you would see that Edo is not entirely Esanland. But because Esanland is the Edo Central Senatorial District located in south-south Nigeria. It is easy for both to be interchanged.

Esanland makes up five Local Government Areas in Edo State, but part of Esan extends into the west side of the banks of the Niger River.

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What Is The Language Of Esanland?

The Esans speak the Esan language which is an Edoid language that has similarities with the Edo, Isoko, Anioma, Urhobo, Owan, and Etsako Languages.

What is Esan Traditional Attire Called?

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Esan traditional wear used for ceremonies is called Igbulu. The Esan traditional attire has remained unchanged and still voguish for a long period because of the high sophisticatedness that it offers. From the hairstyles to the numerous beaded accessories, and crowns, you’re sure to fall in love with the bridal looks.

Esan Traditional Marriage Attire For Men

Esan traditional wedding attire

Though less attention is given to the Esan grooms’ outfits, this they compensate for with the Ijakpa. Asides from the Esan traditional wear, the men hang an Ijakpa on the left shoulder to give elegant finishing touches to the Igbulu traditional clothing.

Esan Traditional Wedding Attire For The Bride

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The traditional marriage garments for the brides as well as the groom can be in a variety of vivid colours. That white and red are most common, you are entirely free to wear any colour you want. To create more unique styles, go with a mix of traditional and modern styles.

Wedding Beads For Esan Weddings: 50 Edoid Styles

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The accessories form the main part of Esan’s outfit. Ijakpa is the name given to the cultural accessories of the Esan men.

The common hairstyle for Esan brides is the Eto-Okuku – a high bun created by using black hair gel. Then she would wear Okuku which are coral beads arranged in a form of a crown on her head.

Other coral bead accessories that she would wear to accentuate the regal look are ivie-ebo which she would wear on her hands, emi-ehorivie – beaded earrings, beaded necklaces called ivie-uru, and ewu-ivie – beaded top or cape.

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